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Healthcare professional holding connectivity mobile device to ear in a hospital setting

Helping to manage the best patient outcomes

Ensure patient safety and deliver high-quality patient care every step of the way with tailor-made intelligent healthcare technology solutions. In the pressurised environment of today’s health & care settings, up-to-date technology is essential to deliver safe, cost-effective patient care. Whether a hospital, general practice, pharmacy or dental practice; keep your team connected with patient data and each other, track your assets and patients in real-time and clear the way for collaboration, efficiency and quality of care.


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Real-time visibility & workflow optimisation

Utilising patient flow technology and management solutions with a specialised software platform to ensure real-time visibility and workflow optimisation empowers healthcare teams to focus their time on delivering high-quality patient care, improving the overall patient pathway.

  • Automatically find and report on all your equipment, staff and patients with real-time location systems (RTLS) for healthcare
  • Whether working in finance, data, procurement, engineering, or clinical practice, RTLS offer health and care organisations powerful, enterprise-level, visual displays for improved real time decision making across workflow, assets, patient, and staff location
  • The result for healthcare systems is improved operational efficiency, patient safety and compliance, whilst reducing waste and expenditure.


Asset tracking solutions

Using RTLS technology we can help hospitals with enterprise-wide visibility of their medical devices including all assets, sterile trays, loan kits and PPE.

  • Using radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology we can track thousands of items per second, from medical beds to ECG monitors and sterile trays, with handheld readers or RFID portals fitted on doors and lifts to monitor equipment moving in and out
  • Complete medical device traceability around your organisation with GS1-compliant labels to manage the best patient outcomes
  • Using radio frequency identification (RFID) to track reusable PPE and sterile trays can reduce losses and waste and ensure that clinical staff have sufficient equipment to optimise patient care
Healthcare worker scanning medical equipment with a mobile computer and RFID sled
Healthcare professional scanning patient wristband at the bedside

Patient identity solutions

Our reliable devices ensure that all treatments and medication are correctly administered.

  • Positive patient identification
  • Specimen collection
  • Electronic prescribing & medicines administration (EPMA)
  • Laboratory management
  • Pharmacy management
  • Hospital bracelets & ID wristbands
  • Mobile working solutions

    Provide care wherever the day takes you.

    Frontline health professionals such as nurses can lose valuable time each day away from point of care managing workflow issues. Our healthcare technology solutions enable clinicians to instantly connect and communicate with colleagues and patient data, leaving more time for assessment and treatment.

    Mobility health solutions

    • Communcation & collaboration
    • Data management & collection
    • Workflow efficiency
    Healthcare professional using a mobile working solution
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