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Honeywell RT10 Rugged Tablets
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Two hospitality workers at the coffee machine looking at a tablet device

We are experts in hospitality and leisure solutions

Whether a restaurant, hotel, stadium, entertainment venue or other leisure business; we can work with you to find the right technology and software, tailored to your business needs. Our solutions include EPOS systems, RFID technology, mobile technology for food safety and more. Increasing efficiencies, connectivity and safety in hospitality and leisure businesses results in productive, profitable, customer-centric service delivery. 


Customer handing payment card to hospitality worker to insert into payment terminal

Ordering & point of sale (POS)

Technology and software solutions can streamline the ordering, bookings, and payment processes both online and at your place of business. More hospitality and leisure businesses are opting for digital and contactless touchpoints, and with EPOS systems and order management technology becoming more interactive, customers can now place orders and pay bills electronically.  From fixed EPOS systems to contactless payment and mobile ordering systems, we can work with you to provide a solution that works best for your business.

Customer experience

Delivering a personalised guest experience that sets you apart from the competition is achievable with our recommended technology and software solutions for hospitality and leisure businesses. Equip your operation at every touchpoint to provide superior hospitality and increase customer loyalty. 

  • Reward customers for their repeat business with a loyalty programme, combining your EPOS system with card printers and barcode scanners
  • Contactless orders and check-ins on interactive screens and self-service kiosks increase the safety and satisfaction of customers and staff 
  • Augmented reality deployed through smartphones, tablets and headsets can be used to create a personalised experience for hospitality guests in hotels and entertainment businesses 
Hotel guest standing by the front desk looking at her smartphone
Hospitality worker tracking inventory with RFID reader

Asset & inventory management

Tracking inventory and assets in real-time is fundamental to the success of your hospitality or leisure business. Our recommended technology and software solutions remove the manual operations of tracking assets and help to automate processes, allowing your workers to focus on delivering the customer-centric experience that makes hospitality and leisure businesses successful. 

  • RFID technology can be used to reduce theft of high-value items, personalise the customer experience and reduce waste
  • RFID cards and readers can be used for door locks for increased security; a contactless and convenient solution for customers and staff
  • Learn how to optimise your supply chain for a sustainable approach to inventory management with compatible software integrated with your operating system
  • Keep track of your goods and services with RFID card printers, mobile computers and handheld barcode scanners to meet your customers’ demands

Food safety solutions

Automating food safety processes in the food and beverage department of your hospitality or leisure business is fundamental to your success; enabling workers to deliver a satisfactory customer experience while eliminating the risk of potentially serious food-borne illness. 

  • Provide detailed ingredient information on high-quality printed labels with our range of label and card printers compatible with food product label design software, to stay compliant with Natasha's Law
  • Equipping employees with mobile computers and temperature sensing equipment ensures food safety is regulated at critical control points by recognising any potential issues before they can become a problem. This helps to ensure product quality excellence from when the food is received at the loading dock to just before guests savour their first bites
  • Implement a digital food safety HACCP management system with our recommended software solutions, touch-screen computers and rugged tablets to keep you compliant with legislation and manage your risk assessments, daily food safety records and delegate tasks
  • Ruggedised touch screen computers and tablets are designed to withstand the fast pace of food service operations and exposure to liquid spills and temperature extremes
Hospitality worker using a tablet device to manage the packaging and labelling of food items
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