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Nurse at the patients bed with a tablet device as part of patient flow technology solution

Gain visibility of patient flow through your hospital

Moving patients through your healthcare facility in an efficient and safe manner requires specialised patient flow technology and proven patient flow management solutions. Patient flow is central to the successful delivery of healthcare, ensuring effective decision-making and minimal delays. Real-time location systems (RTLS) for healthcare use radio frequency identification (RFID), combined with an interactive software platform, to centralise your existing data and provide real-time control and visibility of operational and clinical performance. Providing all stakeholders with access to data-rich dashboards helps to improve hospital handover times, reduce overcrowding and risk of transmission, improve communications and most importantly, improve patient flow. 

Our patient flow technology and management solution provides the hardware, software for automation in healthcare, and GS1-compliant labels to bring the system data together, facilitating data-driven decisions to improve efficiencies in the patient pathway.



Healthcare professionals with tablets and mobile computers around a screen showing patient data

Patient flow technology

The Barcode Warehouse implements RFID as part of a real-time location system into healthcare facilities, as an effective patient flow technology and management solution. The all-in-one solution facilitates healthcare professionals with efficiently moving patients, devices and products through different areas and stages of care. Our bespoke GS1 UK-approved solution includes:

Patient flow management solutions

The Barcode Warehouse has an important contribution to make to an efficient patient pathway. We specialise in patient flow management solutions and hospital asset tracking to empower healthcare teams to focus their time on delivering safe and high-quality patient care. Whether working in finance, data, procurement, engineering, or clinical practice, our RTLS solution offers healthcare facilities powerful, enterprise-level, visual data. The RTLS system facilities improved, real-time decision making across workflow, assets, patient, and staff location. 

Implementing RTLS technology as one of your patient flow management solutions is a cost-effective way to deliver the following benefits:

  • Gain real-time control and visibility of operational performance for efficient care delivery.
  • Address the importance of patient flow through your healthcare facility with real-time situational analysis and data-driven performance insights.
  • Gain visibility of patient wait times, milestones and room availability with searchable maps and real-time dashboards that provide insights into your operational performance.
  • Centralise your existing data as an all-in-one solution through seamless integration with all major ERP systems, HL7 open architecture and flexible API, providing efficient workflow solutions.
Nurse viewing patient data on a laptop by a patient bed
Healthcare professionals in a hospital viewing patient data on a computer

“The Barcode Warehouse helped us to design a bespoke RFID asset tracking solution to fit across a legacy of different estate buildings. They helped us to consider all elements of the functional design using their expertise to ensure that the outcome we expected is the outcome that we get.”

- Rachael Ellis, Hull University Teaching Hospitals Scan4Safety Programme Director



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