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Honeywell RT10 Rugged Tablets
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Warehouse work team wearing high visibility clothing in a warehouse looking at inventory with a rugged tablet

We are experts in smart warehouse management solutions

Our warehouse technology and software solutions are the key to optimising and streamlining your warehouse operations. Whether a warehouse, distribution centre or manage inventory in a retail store, we can help with bespoke warehouse solutions to keep your staff connected, customers happy and your business fully automated to ensure profitability. Browse our recommended software, rugged technology and warehouse scanning solutions below.

As a leading technology solutions integrator, we also provide a full enterprise mobility management (EMM) service to help keep your warehouse technology and software solutions running smoothly and efficiently at all times – contact us or visit our Managed Services page to learn more about how we can support your warehousing operations.


Workers wearing high vis in a warehouse with stacked shelves

Warehouse management system (WMS)

Our warehouse software solutions enable you and your team to have complete visibility of your warehouse, providing the vital control and accuracy required to keep your operations moving efficiently. With our warehouse management system software, your business will:

  • Ensure simple integration and automation of goods or materials from when they enter a warehouse until they move out
  • Guarantee accurate manifesting of goods received, put-away, picking and packing functions with rugged barcode scanners and voice-directed warehouse technology solutions
  • Enhance employee connectivity with rugged and wearable mobile computers

Warehouse inventory management solutions

Inventory management is a critical activity as it ensures your stock numbers match up with your purchase orders. Investing in the right warehouse technology solutions to assist your employees with inventory management tasks increases accuracy and control, saving time and delivering added customer satisfaction. With our inventory management solutions, your business will be able to:

  • Integrate mobile computers with your warehouse management system to manage almost all operations
  • Keep an accurate inventory count on the go with rugged tablets & warehouse scanning solutions
  • Real-time tracking with fixed mount, wearable, and mobile RFID solutions
  • Voice headsets facilitate voice picking through voice command, without needing to scan labels
Warehouse worker wearing high vis and hard hard pointing a barcode scanner at a box on a shelf in a warehouse
Two warehouse workers in high visibility clothing scanning boxes on a conveyor belt in a warehouse

Reverse logistics

Customers are more likely to buy from you again if your returns process is seamless, thereby naturally increasing your revenue over time. Tracking returns is much easier when you have the correct warehouse technology, scanning and labelling solutions in place. Here are a few of the advantages to our reverse logistics warehouse solutions:

  • Wearable mobile computers that scan and record condition upon receipt to ensure goods are either restocked, refurbished, or discontinued
  • Label, thermal, colour, ID Card & mobile printers that allow you to quickly print labels on-site
  • Reduce walking time in the facility by allowing employees to print labels on mobile printers right at the point of application

Efficient loading & shipping

Our warehouse technology solutions facilitate efficient loading and shipping. These crucial final stages of the warehousing process should be executed in the most efficient way to make sure the right order is sorted and loaded, dispatched to the right customer through the right transit mode, and delivered on time. With our warehouse shipping solutions, your business will be able to:

  • Identify and convey shipping cartons to the correct shipping lane using visions systems, imager cameras and laser readers
  • Scan and track the entire stock journey from depot to arrival to delivery and feed back to your WMS using rugged, vehicle-mounted computers – the most robust and reliable warehouse scanning solution
  • Ensure the accuracy of pallet configuration, container planning and trailer loading to ensure optimum utilisation of space and resources
Worker speaking on rugged mobile computer outside in a warehouse yard
Sunset shining into a warehouse with stacked shelves
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