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Field worker holding a tablet device with agriculture vehicles in the background

Field service and mobile workforce management

All organisations with a field service need to ensure their field workers are equipped with the right devices to solve problems and expand the mobility of their operations. Field operations in all sectors are having to adapt to demands from customers in the increasingly digital environment, and given many field workers are deployed to hazardous environments, safety needs to be a high priority. We can advise your organisation about mobile field service technology and software solutions to protect your workers and devices and increase field worker productivity, reduce downtime, and better manage responses to optimise your customer service.


Field worker speaking on a smartphone looking at a clipboard stood next to a heavy goods vehicle

Field service productivity

No matter which sector you work within, maximising the productivity of your field workers should be managed closely with the right technology and software solutions to cut costs and increase your customer base. Making sure you’re collecting the correct data in real time is key to streamlining field service operations.

  • Equipping mobile workers with high quality, ruggedised devices that they use to access real-time information reduces downtime by avoiding dead batteries and damaged equipment in the harsh environments that field service workers are sometimes required to work in
  • Workers can reduce the amount of time it takes to complete routine tasks if they have wearable devices like barcode scanning technologies that don’t need to be held to operate, and body-worn cameras for communicating with colleagues to remotely diagnose issues
  • Integrating cloud solutions on devices that track and monitor field workers has many benefits; from making their job easier, keeping them safe and having real-time data to improve performance
  • Connect your field workers vehicles, jobs, colleagues, and customers with telematics solutions, to get them where they are needed efficiently and increase customer satisfaction

Enhancing safety with mobile field service solutions

Field workers often work alone, sometimes in hazardous conditions and in remote areas with a degree of risk. It is important for organisations with field service to enhance the safety of mobile workers and the public by equipping workers with mobile field service technology and software solutions alongside quality PPE.

  • Rugged and wearable mobility devices allow field workers to use both hands while working in potentially hazardous conditions or carrying heavy goods and tools
  • Devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops need to be ruggedised to withstand potentially harsh conditions in environments
  • Push-To-Talk (PTT) capabilities on mobile devices can be lifesaving for field workers, with a single-button press to open fast and accurate digital communication with no limited transmission range
Field service worker kneeling on an unstable outdoor surface with a mobile device clipped to them
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