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07 Jul 2022 | 14:00

Could a student ID card printer make your life easier?

Schools, colleges and universities are steeling themselves for student enrolment season. In this post we’ll clarify why high-quality student ID is important, and how an education ID card printer can take away some of the stress.
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21 Jun 2022 | 11:00

Five reasons to choose rugged technology now

The landscape for both consumer and rugged technology has changed a great deal in the last few years, and rugged is increasingly the intelligent choice for many. Here we’ll explore why rugged might work well for your organisation.
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06 Jun 2022 | 09:00

Could rugged mobile devices make your workforce more productive?

In this post we’ll explore the advantages of using a rugged device for mobile workers, such as a rugged tablet or mobile computer, and how this provides tangible gains for staff and organisations alike.
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30 May 2022 | 09:00

Benefits of a WMS to enhance efficiency and control in your warehouse

In this post, we explore the benefits of a warehouse management system (WMS), find out how it differs from an inventory management system and help you to decide what type of WMS would suit you best.
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27 May 2022 | 09:00

Headline sponsor: £15,000 raised at the Newark Spring Fundraising Dinner Dance

The Barcode Warehouse were the headline sponsor at the Newark Spring Fundraising Dinner Dance, at which an incredible £15,000 was raised for Newark Emmaus Trust and Children's Bereavement Centre.
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Plastic Packaging Tax Blog.jpg
03 May 2022 | 09:00

How to manage asset inventory for the new plastic packaging tax

On 1 April 2022, the UK’s new plastic packaging tax (PPT) came into effect. Learn how you can more easily manage asset inventory and link your asset management with other systems for plastic packaging tax compliance.
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HUTH NHS Trust - heather sideways on labelling products with blade labels in S4S blues-cropped.jpg
20 Apr 2022 | 13:00

The Barcode Warehouse awarded spearhead RFID real-time locating solution project for Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

The solution is being installed across three sites at Castle Hill Hospital and Hull Royal Infirmary, making this the largest installation of radio-frequency identification (RFID) within the NHS to date.
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