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Epson recycling programme V2.jpg
27 Jul 2021 | 10:32

Why is sustainability & recycling important in business?

Businesses that fail to consider sustainability measures could lose a competitive edge. Here we have some simple steps you can take to become more sustainable.
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Pall-Ex-Honeywell contract news post.jpg
23 Jul 2021 | 10:48

Solution provider for Pall-Ex Group technology investment

The Barcode Warehouse, in conjunction with Honeywell, has been successful in delivering a hub scanning solution for logistics giant Pall-Ex Group’s latest major technology investment.
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Zebra Hospital vision study blog image 850x440 V2.jpg
06 Jul 2021 | 15:46

How technology investment impacts patient care

Hospital environments have seen a huge shift over the last few years away from traditional paper and pen, towards tablets and smart devices. But how exactly is clinical mobility achieving such a positive impact?
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Evolis partner status thumbnail.png
29 Jun 2021 | 15:20

TBW has been given an Evolis silver reseller 2021 accreditation!

As part of the Evolis Red programme, we provide value-added services when you buy Evolis products from us.
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Natashas Law blog thumbnail.jpg
15 Jun 2021 | 16:23

Are you prepared for Natasha's Law?

Understand the right technology and labelling solutions for your business around the challenges of being prepared for Natasha's Law.
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Rugged devices blog image.jpg
09 Jun 2021 | 15:29

Rugged vs consumer devices

Can we continue to use existing consumer technology for business? Discover the advantages of investing in rugged devices for your business, and how continuing to invest in consumer devices could prove a false economy.
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How COVID-19 has been a catalyst for change in warehousing.jpg
09 Jun 2021 | 10:49

COVID-19: a catalyst for change in warehousing

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technological improvements within warehousing, and these practices are expected to remain in place - not only because they have proven to maximise efficiency and profits, but because they’ll better protect businesses in uncertain times.
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