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We’re the barcode scanner repair service experts

From stock management to the shop floor, your barcode scanners are an essential part of your business operations. Breakdowns, faults, and routine maintenance can slow down your productivity and profitability, but we are on hand for all of your barcode scanner repair needs. From handheld barcode scanners to omni-directional hands-free scanners, we are able to facilitate the repair of everything from fault lights through to breakdowns. Our managed service plans are designed to offer flexibility, affordability, and minimise downtime to keep your business running efficiently and effectively. 


Reduce costly downtime with our barcode scanner repair Managed Services

Minimising downtime, reducing ad-hoc expenditure, and maintaining productivity are three of the most important elements to consider when managing a device estate. If one or more of your barcode scanners faces a breakdown, malfunction, or fault, the extra administrative time required to resolve this can be a burden. This is where our break/fix repair service, buffer and repair management services and fully managed services can help.

Our break/fix repair service will help you get your broken or faulty barcode scanners back up and running as soon as possible. To ensure that you’re never caught short, our buffer and repair management services can be relied on to keep your operations running at full capacity. We dynamically monitor and manage your barcode scanner buffer stock, delivering you devices exactly when you need them. No additional paperwork, purchase orders, or admin required! 


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Why choose The Barcode Warehouse for your company’s barcode scanner repairs?

From repairs to refurbishment, our expert engineers have over 100 years’ combined knowledge and experience working with barcode scanners of every make and model. We can facilitate the repair of all barcode scanner manufacturers sold via our website. 

In addition to repair management, we also provide proactive device management (PMD) services as part of our enterprise managed services. This is an invaluable service for any organisation that needs to maintain operational continuity at all times. In partnership with The Barcode Warehouse, you can guarantee that your mobile device estate is being handled by professionals, allowing you to focus on more strategic matters. 


We repair barcode scanners from Datalogic, Honeywell, Zebra and more 

No matter what your device stack looks like, our engineers can help. We can facilitate the repair, service, and refurbishing of barcode scanners from leading manufacturers including Datalogic, Honeywell, Zebra, and Unitec. Browse our full range of products to see the breadth of devices that we stock and facilitate repair. 

Common faults that our engineers can repair in our warehouse include fault lights, cable replacements, battery replacements and barcode reading problems. For bigger problems such as parts failures, we work alongside the manufacturer to repair these and have the device back with you as soon as possible. 


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How our barcode scanner repair service works 

No matter the issue, our engineers are ready and waiting to get you back up and running. Interested in having our experts maintain and manage your barcode scanners? Use the form on the right to get in touch and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Receipt at the manufacturer 

For customers on a manufacturer’s contract, we aim to resolve faults, damage, repairs and servicing within 1-7 working days from receipt at the manufacturer. 

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Standard manufacturers warranty

If your barcode scanner has a fault covered by your manufacturer's warranty, we can manage the repair and have the device back to you as soon as possible. 

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Chargeable repairs

Chargeable repairs, and repairs falling under a standard manufacturers warranty, can take up to 28 working days for your repair and return to be completed. 

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