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We’re experts in efficient transport and logistics solutions

Transport and logistics solutions are transforming the way companies integrate into digital supply chains as the need for end-to-end visibility and real-time tracking becomes paramount. If you’re looking to increase your supply chain automation and visibility of assets, people, and transactions, we can help with bespoke transport and logistics technology and software solutions from the top brands on the market. 

We are also a leading technology solutions integrator: our end-to-end Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) service is the ideal complement to your transport and logistics hardware and software, helping to minimise downtime and maximise operational efficiency. Contact us or visit our Managed Services page for more information.


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Fulfilment solutions

Our transport and logistics solutions ensure a streamlined fulfilment process from your warehouse to your customer’s delivery address. We assess your requirements and design a bespoke technology and software solutions package that offers continual visibility 24/7:

  • Mobile computers, scanners and RFID work with software solutions help to improve workflows at the dock with load planning and on the road with route planning
  • Electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) software allows you to track drivers and deliveries with ease
  • Technology solutions such as mobile computers and barcode scanners track every detail, from pick-up to final delivery, ensuring a satisfactory customer experience with increased visibility and communication
  • Stay in contact with your drivers through the integrated voice and data communication capabilities of your mobile computers
  • Rugged device solutions ensure your fleet operates at optimal efficiency to deliver fast, filled, on-time, and violation-free
  • Implement a transport asset management system to gain visibility of the location and health of your assets through real-time asset tracking and telematics monitoring of your vehicles to reduce downtime and increase productivity
  • Ensure greater visibility and optimisation of your fleet with telematics solutions; track vehicle location, fuel usage, driver behaviour, routing and much more

Yard operations technology

The terminal yard is an integral part of the transport system. Yard management systems and tailored technology solutions ensure visibility of trailer and shipment locations, keeping people safe, improving efficiencies, and increasing profits. With our yard logistics solutions, your business will be able to:

  • Implement a yard management system (YMS) with our recommended software solutions in conjunction with barcodes and RFID tags to track and manage assets, people and transactions through critical points of the transport supply chain
  • Ensure your workers always have easy access to container and trailer information with fleet management system hardware like mobile computers for safe and efficient handling
  • Use real-time locating solutions (RTLS) like RFID tags to track trailers and gain real-time asset and performance intelligence throughout the yard as well as rest of the supply chain
  • Track the entire stock journey from depot to arrival to delivery and feed back to your warehouse management system using rugged, vehicle-mounted computers
  • Maintain consistent operations at all times with a dedicated Managed Services team
Worker outside in the yard on a laptop with containers in the background
Warehouse worker on a forklift wearing a voice headset and using a barcode scanner to track inventory

Smart warehousing solutions

Implementing smart warehouse solutions is integral to the successful application of transport and logistics solutions, allowing your business to gain full visibility of the digital supply chain. Our recommended technology and software from the top brands on the market ensure integration, optimisation and agility across every operation, from receiving and picking to shipping and delivery. Our solutions will help your business:

  • Implement a Warehouse Management System (WMS), enabling you to have complete visibility of your warehouse with our recommendation software solutions
  • Integrate mobile computers, rugged tablets and barcode scanners with your WMS to manage almost all operations
  • Ensure real-time tracking of inventory with fixed and mobile RFID technology
  • Facilitate voice picking through voice command headsets, without needing to scan labels
  • Identify and convey shipping cartons to the correct shipping lane using visions systems, imager cameras and laser readers

Employee connectivity

Integrating our transport and logistics solutions with easy to use, reliable and rugged workforce devices increases employee connectivity and productivity, ensuring safe and efficient workflows from day one. Having mobile data and voice connectivity across the entire workforce within the supply chain is essential to keep operations running smoothly.

  • Having up-to-date mobile devices for your entire workforce with mobile data, voice connectivity and push-to-talk functions ensures connectivity across all enterprise operations
  • Our recommended employee connectivity software solutions installed on mobile computers increase the productivity of your workers with one central device that allows them to do their job efficiently
Courier worker in high visibility clothing speaking a mobile computer outside his vehicle

Route planning

Route planning software can help cut costs across businesses in the transport and logistics sector, by calculating smarter routes for drivers, which reduces total mileage. With our route planning software, you can:

  • Reduce incidents: with smarter route planning, you can reduce total mileage, leading to fewer incidents
  • Reduce speeding: Improved planning helps drivers to fulfil their tasks without the pressure to break speed limits
  • Lower mileage and fewer emissions: Calculate the most efficient routes and schedules for your drivers, resulting in lower mileage and emissions compared to manual planning
  • Decarbonise and optimise your vehicle fleet with Route optimisation software powered by My Transport Planner
  • Looking for ways to help decarbonise your vehicle fleet? Read out guide on Fleet decarbonisation: How to decarbonise and reduce costs
Yard worker takes command of transport and logistics operations

Visit the transport & logistics zone in our Innovation & Customer Experience (ICE) Centre

Experience first-hand the very best technology solutions for your transport and logistics (T&L) operations in our Innovation & Customer Experience (ICE) Centre. We run bespoke solutions labs for enterprise T&L businesses in the UK, where our Solution Architects help you understand how new technologies can solve your business challenges. Expect an immersive experience into the world of innovative T&L technology solutions:

  • Fulfilment: Streamline and automate the process of storing, picking, packing, and delivering goods to end customers.
  • Vehicle and building key management: Intelligent key storage cabinets ensure a full, automated audit trail of keys utilised by end users for maximum security and smooth operations.
  • Asset management: Smart device cabinets provide an asset management and charging solution to ensure user accountability of smart assets and a reduction in missing devices.
  • Proof of delivery (POD): Efficient loading and shipping solutions improve efficiency ensuring delivery deadlines and met, maximised vehicle capacity, reduced costs, and high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Route optimisation: Intelligent software solutions help to decarbonise and optimise your vehicle fleet, increasing worker productivity whilst reducing costs.
  • Mobile communications: Specialised employee connectivity solutions enhance communication, collaboration, and efficiency among employees, whether they're on the road, in warehouses, at seaports, or in offices.
  • Print operations: Label printing hardware and software solutions ensure seamless day-to-day label printing for parcels and pallets.
  • Device rugged test zone: Put your mobile devices through their paces in our drop test zone to ensure they can withstand harsh environments.


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