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Nurse at the patients bed with a tablet device as part of patient flow technology solution

Keep track of medical equipment and manage inventory

Our healthcare asset tracking solutions are already successfully implemented at scale in the NHS. Misplaced medical equipment poses a serious challenge to NHS funding across the UK, but with efficient and easy-to-use hospital equipment tracking in place you can work to prevent losses and manage your inventory more effectively.  

Feedback from existing NHS Trust partners highlights the following benefits of our healthcare asset tracking software and technology:
  • Improved patient safety and experience through better visibility of important assets.
  • Enterprise-wide visibility of mobile assets and supplies including key medical equipment, sterile services, PPE, and more.
  • Valuable strategic insights through real-time dashboard reporting, powered by healthcare automation software.
  • Additional clinical time freed up for patient care, with fewer hours spent manually managing equipment and inventory.
  • Higher utilisation rates of existing equipment, alongside reduced expenditure on purchasing extra inventory.
  • Enhanced management of maintenance and work orders, including planned preventative maintenance, repairs, recalls, and more.
  • Seamless integration into existing eMAR, EDIS, ORIS, ADT, nurse call and capacity management systems.


Watch a simple animation of our real-time location system

Healthcare asset tracking with state-of-the-art technology

Establishing an efficient healthcare asset tracking system helps to unlock increased efficiencies, maximise patient experience, and minimise asset and supply costs. Real-time location systems (RTLS) using radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology ensures rapid locating of key equipment with easy-to-use healthcare mobile computers and RFID devices. Interactive dashboard insights provide clinicians and staff real-time visibility into the location and status of assets and supplies to improve patient safety and experience. 

The use of RTLS for hospital equipment tracking is a cost-effective way to deliver the following benefits:

  • Using mobile computers with RFID technology and GS1-compliant labels, staff can search for required assets and supplies quickly and efficiently to ensure the most effective patient care
  • Using an RTLS system, key stakeholders hospitals have enterprise-wide visibility of medical devices, accurate down to department, room and bay level with interactive asset maps
  • Prevent asset theft and loss and reduce asset hoarding by optimising par levels with interactive, role-based dashboards
  • Gain a real-time status of your sterile services 
  • Reduce loan kit dependency through optimised asset visibility
  • Streamline asset maintenance with purpose-built workflows and dashboards to simplify recall compliance and preventative maintenance.

Learn more about how asset tracking works in our guide on 'What is asset tracking and how does it work?'

Healthcare professional in a hospital scanning a product with RFID technology
Frontline worker searching for key assets on an all-in-one asset management platform

Bespoke solutions and software for hospital equipment tracking

Our hospital equipment tracking solution provides the hardware, software, and GS1-compliant labels to rapidly locate key assets and supplies and bring system data together. The Barcode Warehouse provides a phased, consultative project management approach to RTLS projects with an initial on-site assessment, initiation, implementation, go-live, project closure, and an option for ongoing managed services. This ensures you achieve maximum benefit at every state of the process, and leaves nothing and no one behind. 

This industry-leading GS1 UK-approved solution has already proven successful in the NHS. It is flexible and scalable, offering the following benefits:

  • Bring your system data together for all key stakeholders to access via desktop and mobile devices, whether in clinical, finance, procurement, engineering or operations teams.
  • Ensure seamless integration with your existing clinical, financial and medical engineering systems to drive improved efficiency and patient safety into the care delivery process.
  • Meets high hygiene standards and regular cleaning protocols with our GS1 UK standard label printing and asset tagging.

“The Barcode Warehouse helped us to design a bespoke RFID asset tracking solution to fit across a legacy of different estate buildings. They helped us to consider all elements of the functional design using their expertise to ensure that the outcome we expected is the outcome that we get.”

- Rachael Ellis, Hull University Teaching Hospitals Scan4Safety Programme Director

We partner with the leading technology manufacturers

As part of the consultative process, we will present to you a range of the latest hardware from our leading technology manufacturer partners - all bespoke to your organisation’s needs. Partnering with the very best RTLS-specialised providers in the market ensures our solution is unique and performs in line with the high standards that The Barcode Warehouse is committed to.

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