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Zebra mobile device management software

Device Tracker by Zebra is a cloud-hosted software solution used to track Zebra Android mobile devices, find missing devices and help prevent device inventory shrinkage. The Device Tracker Solution is comprised of Device Tracker Cloud Server managed by Zebra and Device Tracker Client Software that runs on all Zebra Android mobile devices that are tracked. If it is a software solution to track your Zebra Android mobile devices that you’re looking for, you can buy Device Tracker cloud software by Zebra from The Barcode Warehouse and benefit from our added value services as standard.


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The Device Tracker solution

  • Device Tracker Cloud Server is managed by Zebra. All devices deployed with the Device Tracker Client Software will communicate with and provide data to the server so that the Administrators, Site Managers, and Associates can manage the availability and accessibility of their devices.
  • Device Tracker Client Software runs on all Zebra Android Mobile devices that are tracked. It enables the client device to send location updates to the Device Tracker cloud-server, which enables finding lost devices by utilizing the BLE beaconing system and remote alarms on the lost device.

WorryFree Wi-Fi

Every day, your workers depend on their Zebra mobile devices to access the people and data they need to efficiently tackle any task. The proprietary features of WorryFree Wi-Fi enable unsurpassed management of the Wi-Fi connections at the device and network levels, providing an exceptional Wi-Fi data and voice experience.

WorryFree Analyzer is a fully-functional real-time WiFi Analysis and troubleshooting tool to help analyze and resolve WiFi issues from a mobile device standpoint. It packages multiple troubleshooting capabilities:

  • RF network scanning
  • Device Wi-Fi connectivity analysis
  • Roaming analysis
  • Voice analysis and data log, including packet captures
  • Allows analysis of issues in real-time background mode while the device is used for regular productivity purposes
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Enterprise Browser

  • Enterprise Browser is a powerful, next generation industrial browser that enables developers to build feature-rich web applications that integrate seamlessly with the features in Zebra mobile computers and peripherals.
  • Enterprise Browser’s feature-rich mobile application development tool allows users to seamlessly integrate the browser into the native peripherals of a device, while enabling barcode scanning, signature capture and much more.

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