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Improve patient outcomes with asset visibility software

Zebra MotionWorks Healthcare Medical Equipment Tracking provides benefits through the many roles in a healthcare facility. Without high levels of visibility into medical assets, staff workflows and internal processes become overwhelmed and unorganised. The MotionWorks Healthcare solution allows administers to manage costs and medical staff to focus on patient care through improved utilisation and management of equipment or inventory in a predefined area within the hospital. If it is a real-time medical equipment tracking software solution you’re looking for, you can buy Zebra MotionWorks Healthcare from The Barcode Warehouse to ensure essential healthcare workers have access to the critical asset visibility they need to maintain efficiency throughout the entirety of their shifts. 


Healthcare professionals in scrubs tracking assets through a tablet device

Automated asset tracking

Zebra’s location devices integrate automated intelligence into medical inventory management.

  • Through dashboards, reports, mobile applications, management tools and business critical alerts, the solution produces contextual data into the location and status of all tagged medical equipment inside the hospital
  • The solution cuts out the manual processes of searching for lost, misplaced or stolen equipment, empowering clinicians to direct their attention to the needs of their patients
  • With real-time insights on preventative equipment maintenance and sanitation, healthcare providers can ensure consistency in patient outcomes

Benefits throughout the many healthcare roles

Without high levels of visibility into medical assets, staff workflows and internal processes become overwhelmed and unorganised.

  • Nurses can quickly find the location of an available ECG machine in a nearby hospital room with a quick look-up on a handheld mobile device
  • Biomedical Technicians can easily identify an IV pump due for its yearly inspection and make the necessary arrangements for repairs to be carried out
  • Supply chain management can be optimised with analytical reports highlighting recent inventory trends based on demand, reducing the patient risk of not having enough supply
  • Patient transporters can use the map view or list view queries in the solution to know where to locate an available wheelchair
  • Security personnel can receive real-time alerts directly to their smartphone that indicate when an item has left its designated area
Nurse wearing a mask communicating on a mobile computer device
Nurses using RFID scanners to track medications

The tools that drive MotionWorks Healthcare

Zebra Technologies provides healthcare technology; mobile computers, scanners, printers, RFID readers, sensor tags and labels that help ensure the accuracy and speed of real-time healthcare medical equipment tracking.

  • Clinical smartphones are durable, efficient and easy to operate, designed specifically for healthcare use cases; offering real-time data capture, secure communications, and clinical decision support
  • Barcode scanners capture virtually any data in any condition, expand users’ scanning range and expedite time-consuming tasks, as well as eliminate Wi-Fi interference and battery downtime
  • Print with confidence with RFID printers and labels from Zebra. From simplified set-up to quality construction to performance-enhancing Print DNA software, these printers deliver the autonomy, intelligence and security
  • Passive RFID readers and antennas help you achieve maximum asset visibility throughout your enterprise. Zebra’s extensive portfolio of fixed and mobile handheld readers provide accurate, high-performance and long read-range capabilities
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons and Bridges give healthcare workers access to near real-time location data of their high-value medical equipment. Safe to mount directly to medical devices while being able to be located to a small zone or room
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