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Construction project manager on site with a tablet device

Rugged devices and software for construction equipment: RFID, QA, and more

Focused on scale, speed, and accuracy, the construction industry is constantly on the lookout for ways to increase efficiency, reduce costs and deliver exceptional quality. Embracing the digital environment will play a key role in achieving these objectives for many organisations. Introducing high-quality mobile technology and software for construction can help you modernise and streamline your business. 

While innovative emerging technologies such as AI, augmented and virtual reality, and even humanoid labour look set to become commonplace sights on site over the coming decades, the current trend focuses on the more widespread use of mobile devices to achieve optimal level of workforce efficiency. With a diverse range of sub-businesses involved in construction, safety and communication technology solutions are key to the efficient and profitable delivery and completion of every project. We can help you find the right technology and software for construction to help you reduce downtime, increase productivity, and better manage the most challenging aspects of any project. 


Construction worker using rugged mobile computer to communicate with colleagues

Rugged mobile devices for construction workers

The construction site environment is fraught with hazards, so safe and effective communication is vital. Working at height, noise, harmful materials, vehicles, plant, equipment and movement of materials are just a few of the on-site risks. With fatal accidents in the construction industry being double the average of other sectors, it’s vitally important for construction companies to enhance the safety of their workers by equipping them with the appropriate rugged mobile devices and construction software solutions to complement their existing health and safety solutions. 

As a partner to leading manufacturers of rugged mobile devices for construction workers, we're able to offer an impressive range of products with the following benefits: 

  • Reduced downtime associated with consumer devices; rugged mobile devices are designed to withstand harsh construction environments including extreme temperatures, humidity, vibration and altitude, without slowing down. 
  • Enhanced safety features allows you to monitor the safety of your workforce and lone workers continually. Push-to-talk software capabilities provide productive communications and job tasking with a single-button press opening fast and accurate digital communication with no transmission limits. 
  • Reduce your insurance costs with a built-in G-meter that will instantly alert all users to check on staff should it sense a fall; contributing toward your BS8383 accreditation.

Tracking for construction equipment and inventory with RFID technology & software

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is extensively used for diverse applications across the construction sector. It can increase efficiencies, manage assets, track your workforce and even reduce theft and losses. With thousands of materials, hundreds of tools and vehicles, and workers from sub-businesses moving on and off-site, RFID technology including RFID tags can be embedded in materials and structural components to help you manage everything from performance to condition and location. One of our most popular applications is to use RFID tracking devices for construction equipment.

Using RFID technology and construction asset tracking software, we are able to offer a diverse range of benefits to your business:

  • Reduced costs associated with lost and misplaced tools and equipment. Use RFID technology to track your assets across your site and digitally track details such as what tools have been checked out, by who, and how long it was used for.
  • Streamlined inventory management using RFID technology to electronically track and store location, inspection and certification data, and available materials.
  • Avoid costly errors related to equipment delivery and management. Asset tracking software with RFID-encoded barcode labels can be used in residential construction to allocate materials to houses to reduce the risk of theft and waste and improve forecasting. 
  • Control labour costs using RFID workforce management software. Keep track of who is on-site and hours worked as well as training, skills test and certification statuses.
Two construction workers locating equipment via RFID technology on a rugged laptop
Construction worker on site using a tablet device for quality assurance

Rugged tablet devices with quality assurance (QA) software

Construction quality assurance relies heavily on manual processes, particularly during the building and inspection stages. Projects can quickly see quality and costs spiral without frequent site inspections, monitoring and communication. Reduce time-consuming and inefficient QA processes by implementing rugged tablets and laptops for construction workers. With these devices, you can consolidate status reports and manage and plan tasks instantaneously, allowing your business to: 

  • Reduce errors and streamline project management at the push of a button. Rugged tablet devices allow site managers to access real-time information on the current project on the go. No need to wait for paperwork to be submitted; access everything you need directly from your device. 
  • Maintain consistent standards across multiple sites. Rugged tablets allow for continuous communication and interaction throughout the project. Share everything from quality assurance reports to building inspections in real-time to capture any emerging quality issues before they become costly problems. 
  • Improve efficiency and productivity with paperless administration; sign off work, update projects, reject damaged product deliveries and more asynchronously. 
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