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Retail worker scanning product while customer waits with payment card

Helping you choose the right tech

Whether a department store, speciality store, supermarket or online store; we can work with you to find the right technology and software, tailored to your business needs. Implementing scalable technologies into your everyday operations ensures cost-effectiveness and efficiency with fulfilling orders in good time, keeping staff retained, customers happy and profits maximised.


Supermarket retail worker scanning products at the point of sale

Point of sale operations

Electronic point of sale (EPOS) solutions can be streamlined both in-store and online to ensure a satisfactory customer journey. EPOS systems are becoming increasingly interactive, allowing customers to place orders and pay bills electronically. From fixed EPOS systems to contactless payment and mobile point of sale solutions, we can work with you to provide a solution that works best for your business.

  • Optimise productivity with EPOS hardware that suits your business; combine retail till systems and cash registers with till rolls, customer displays, payment terminals, receipt printers and other POS accessories for a seamless in-store POS experience
  • Increase the mobility of your point of sale operations for faster, more customer-centric business transactions with tablets and mobile receipt printers
  • Serve customers efficiently with contactless payment terminals and interactive ‘self-service’ screens, devices and POS display stands
  • Reward customers for their repeat business with a loyalty programme, combining your EPOS system with card printing solutions
  • Implement efficient click and collect processes with tablets and self-service digital screens, smart lockers and handheld mobile computers to notify employees when a customer arrives to collect an order
  • Our mytill EPOS software system on Android is designed to fit the growing needs of your business; allowing you to manage your money, inventory and staff all on one system

Inventory & stock management

Inventory tracking and stock counting is a critical activity in a retail business. Automating your inventory with our solutions can take tedious, time-consuming work off the hands of your employees, freeing them to deliver better customer service on the shop floor.

  • Manage almost all operations with rugged mobile computers
  • Keep an accurate inventory count on the go with rugged tablets & barcode scanners
  • Real-time tracking with fixed and mobile RFID solutions
  • Mobile label printers reduce workers’ walking time
Retail worker scanning clothes label with mobile computer
Retail worker printing returns label on label printer

Returns management

Customers are more likely to buy from you again if your returns process is seamless, thereby naturally increasing your revenue over time. Tracking returns is much easier when you have the correct technology and labelling solutions in place.

  • Wearable mobile computers scan and record conditions upon receipt to ensure goods are either restocked, refurbished or discontinued
  • Label, thermal, colour, ID Card printers allow you to print labels on-site. Our recommended mobile printers allow employees to print labels at the point of application, reducing walking time
  • Keep in touch with your customers at every point of their journey with our recommended software solutions

Employee connectivity

Empower workers with constant and instant connection to each other through communication hardware and software solutions. Whether they’re helping shoppers in the aisle or out on a delivery, mobile workers benefit from smart, efficient ways of communicating and collaborating with each other.

  • Improve efficiency in your workers' hands with consumer and rugged mobile computers to quickly and accurately access information
  • Wireless headsets allow all store colleagues to be in touch with each other and with supervisors, wherever they’re located on the premises
  • Streamline workflows in one place on one device with our recommended software solutions, to equip your mobile workforce with the information they need 
Retail worker wearing headset and scanning box in store room
Warehouse worker wearing high visibility clothing and hard hard pointing a mobile computer towards a shelf in a retail warehouse

Retail warehousing

Implement a smart retail warehouse through streamlining, optimising and improving your processes with tailored innovative warehousing technology and software solutions.

  • Ensure complete visibility of your retail warehouse and provide the vital control and accuracy lacking in any manual operation with a Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Accurate manifesting of goods received, put-away, picking and packing functions with rugged barcode scanning
  • Voice headsets facilitate voice picking through voice commands, without needing to scan labels
  • Identify and convey shipping cartons to the correct shipping lane using visions systems, imager cameras and laser readers
Factory workers wearing personal protective clothing packaging food
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