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EPOS software for retail and hospitality

mytill EPOS software provides all your point of sale needs, including integrated card payments, barcode scanning, stock management and multi store management. Plus analytics on growth trends and product performance. mytill streamlines your management so you can administer and manage all stores, products, inventory, reporting and clerks centrally. mytill has additional features that allow you to book appointments with text reminders, and have tab management. 


mytill mobile POS applications
Mobile POS

Mobile Point of Sale, or MPOS, is taking payments, managing stock & customers, booking appointments, scanning barcodes, reporting and more all whilst on the go.
If your business is mobile, you can take your point of sale and service with you with mytill Mobile. Manage stock, pricing, appointments, cash & card and work offline. In stores your staff can engage, sell and checkout on the shop floor, providing more opportunity for cross and up selling products. 

The web portal allows you to centrally configure and set up your MPOS devices, import products and view or download your business reports.


mytill Go

mytill comes in three different packages with different levels of features available. mytill Go is suited to smaller independent businesses and has the following features:

  • Simple EPOS functionality
  • Integrated card payments
  • Cash management: record and control cash payments with simple end of day reconciliation 
  • Operates offline
  • Supervisor approval: enforce supervisor approval for specific functionality
  • Product discounts: discount specific products or the whole transaction
  • Barcode scanning
  • Email receipts
  • Import & export products
  • Product allergens
  • Product messaging
  • Desktop & handheld solution
  • Free regular application updates 
  • Product management: create and manage your product, services and taxes instantly
  • Sales reports
  • Unlimited users
  • Secure cloud backups
  • Web portal: free web portal providing central reports and management

Monthly, annual and 3 year subscriptions available from: £12.50 ex VAT


mytill point of sale dashboard
mytill point of sale dashboard
mytill Premium 

Suited to retail point of sale, mytill Premium includes mytill Go features, plus:

  • Stock management: Inventory control plus reporting
  • Weight and liquid product management
  • Product departments
  • Stock containers: manage liquid stock
  • Age verification
  • Price lists: sell with multiple price lists for retail, wholesale, eat-in & takeaway
  • List modifiers
  • Customer facing display
  • Supplier management:  centrally manage and report on suppliers
  • Fixed discounts: create pre-configured discounts for items or whole transactions
  • Secondary printer: operate and manage a second printer to print order receipts
  • Configurable reasons: understand what has happened and why with configurable reasons
  • Multiple stores: central management and reporting on all your stores
  • Import and export data: manage suppliers, customers and products in bulk
  • Additional tenders: custom tenders such as E-Wallet or Paypal
  • Enterprise class support
  • Extensive reporting suite
Monthly, annual and 3 year subscriptions available from: £26.50 ex VAT



mytill Premium Plus

Suited to beauty and hospitality point of sale, mytill Premium Plus includes mytill Premium features, plus:

  • Customer management: full CRM module to create, and manage customers
  • Appointment booking and management
  • SMS reminders: send messages to customers about appointments
  • Commission: assign product and user level commission rates
  • Tab Management, Suspend and resume transactions
  • Split the bill amongst diners and/or merge tabs
  •  Multiple printers: operate and manage multiple printers for different order stations
  • Modifiers: alter orders before they get printed
  • Print bills: print before taking customer payments
  • Staff time keeping: clocking in/out reporting
Monthly, annual and 3 year subscriptions available from: £39.00 ex VAT



mytill point of sale dashboard
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