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Worker wearing hard hat holding a tablet device in front of a working machine on the manufacturing plant floor

We are experts in smart manufacturing solutions

Our manufacturing technology solutions increase productivity by creating an agile and automated plant floor, streamlining your intralogistics and utilising mobility solutions in your field operations. Whatever your business is producing, we can help with your operational IoT tech needs using recommended manufacturing technology and software solutions bespoke to your plant, factory or warehouse.

Does your organisation operate in the automotive sector? See our specialised automotive supply chain technology solutions and get in touch with our experts.

As a leading technology solutions integrator, we also offer a comprehensive enterprise mobility management (EMM) service to keep your manufacturing devices running up to date and running smoothly at all times. Get in touch or take a look at our Managed Services page to learn more about the support we provide to manufacturers.

We're trusted by the UK's biggest businesses

Engineer holding mobile computer facing an airline on the manufacturing plant floor

Asset management solutions

Our reliable mobile technology and software solutions enable your manufacturing business to have an agile plant floor with complete visibility of your company’s goods, assets, people and transactions for increased productivity and efficiency. With our smart manufacturing solutions, your business will be able to:

  • Utilise IoT-enabled devices such as rugged mobile computers, barcode scanners, radio-frequency identification (RFID) readers, wearables and sensors that are designed and manufactured with built-in sensors to provide data on equipment status and health
  • Track and manage equipment and inventory with our recommended software solutions for deep, data-driven insights that can help your manufacturing operations become more efficient

Packaging solutions

Our reliable manufacturing technology and mobile labelling solutions mean you can do everything on-site with the right equipment. If you don't have the capacity or people to print your own labels, our fast and efficient Print Bureau can help. Learn how our smart manufacturing solutions can transform your packaging operations below:

  • Label, thermal, colour and ID Card printers allow you to print labels on-site. Our recommended mobile printers allow employees to print labels at the point of application, reducing walking time
  • Industrial handheld scanners and mobile computers can be used to configure machines for operation and scan goods through the supply chain
  • Easily identify and convey shipping cartons using print and apply machines, imaging cameras, laser readers and sensors
  • For full traceability of items through the manufacturing process and on to distribution, rugged devices can withstand sub-zero temperatures in your cold storage to above 60°C which reduces downtime and increases the reliability of your devices
Worker wearing hard hat and protective glasses scanning a barcode next to an industrial label printer on the manufacturing plant floor
Two warehouse workers in high visibility clothing scanning boxes on a conveyor belt in a manufacturing warehouse

Smart intralogistics

Innovative manufacturing technology solutions ensure your intralogistics are smart through the streamlining, optimising and improvement of your operation's key processes. Our manufacturing technology will help your business:

  • Ensure integration and automation from the time goods or materials enter a factory or warehouse until they move out with our recommended software solutions
  • Improve accurate manifesting of goods received, put-away, picking and packing functions with smart barcode technology
  • Reduce the fatigue of employers and increase productivity with voice picking systems combined with wearable technology
  • Implement a complete efficient forklift solution with vehicle-mounted rugged tablets and handheld barcode scanners

Field operations

New mobility solutions mean that field service operations are taking a quantum leap forward in efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and improved customer experience. Our manufacturing mobility solutions allow your business to:

  • Ensure efficient pick-up and delivery with mobile computers, printers and tablets allowing employees to take photos for proof of delivery, giving customers complete visibility of their assets, leading to repeat business
  • Maximise productivity with high performance rugged tablets that are designed to operate at peak performance under the toughest conditions
  • Keep your team constantly connected and in contact whether they’re on the plant floor or in the field with rugged and wearable handheld computers alongside our recommended software solutions
Worker speaking on rugged mobile computer outside in the yard of a manufacturing warehouse
Worker wearing hard hat holding a tablet device in front of a working machine on a manufacturing plant floor

Visit the manufacturing zone in our Innovation & Customer Experience (ICE) Centre

Explore the forefront of technology solutions designed specifically for your manufacturing operations at our Innovation & Customer Experience (ICE) Centre. Within our facility, discover specialised Solution Labs catered exclusively to enterprise manufacturing businesses in the UK. Our Digital and Technical Solutions Team are committed to navigating you through the technologies that directly tackle your business obstacles. Experience engaging demos showcasing industry-leading manufacturing technology solutions: 

  • Asset management software: Maximise the value of physical assets throughout their lifecycle, ensuring optimal production, and minimising downtime and maintenance costs. 
  • Automation: For tasks like picking, packing, and palletising to help improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency. 
  • Print and Apply solutions: Optimise the printing and application of labels, reducing manual labour and the risk of errors, whilst increasing accuracy with high-quality printing and precise label application. 
  • Direct Part Marking (DPM): DPM barcodes, text or images permanently onto a variety of materials from metals to plastics for high-value or mission-critical items. Aid in data capture, quality control, and efficient workflows ensuring traceability and compliance, while helping prevent counterfeiting.  
  • Barcode verification: Ensure the quality and readability of printed barcodes on products, packaging, and labels. The verification process involves checking the barcodes against pre-defined industry standards, reducing subsequent costs associated with the delivery of poorly printed barcodes on shipped goods. 
  • Device rugged test zone: Put your mobile devices through their paces in our drop test zone to ensure they can withstand harsh environments. 


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