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Recover missing rugged devices with Waizu

Waizu’s Virtual Smart Cabinet is the only digital tool which containerises and smartens any charging setup and automates device check in/out within it. It can help your business reduce costs associated with lost devices, check in/out wait times, devices charging in one location, batteries failing during shifts, and frustrated teams. By reducing these costs, the Waizu software solution can help you improve your bottom line. 


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Device Finder

Waizu Device Finder is a solution that helps businesses locate trace missing mobile devices, such as Zebra devices or other mobile computers. It automatically alerts you when a device is inactive for a period of time and allows you to find it through an app or trigger an audible alert on the device itself. Use Device Finder via an Android tablet or Android mobile phone to identify the last known location. Features include:

  • Enhanced traceability for your entire mobile device estate.

  • Devices alert you when they are missing: devices are set to alert you when they are inactive for a defined period, such as 1 hour or more.

  • Work alongside your MDM system: works alongside MDMs notifying the shift manager or IT person when a device has been inactive for a defined period of time and might be lost.

  • Locate mobile devices with the Device Finder mobile app: indicate where the device was last used and activate the on-screen button to contact the device by ringing it.

Virtual Smart Cabinet

Eliminate the hassle of manual device tracking and say goodbye to misplaced equipment. Waizu's Virtual Smart Cabinet transforms any location into a smart hub, automating device check-in/out and providing real-time usage data. With Virtual smart cabinet, you'll always know exactly where your handheld mobile computers are and who's using them. This ensures clear accountability and reduces the risk of missing devices. Plus, automating the issuance and return process eliminates unnecessary administrative costs.

  • Turn any location into a smart cabinet: Virtual Smart Cabinet intelligently assigns specific handhelds to users, detects idle devices, and sounds alarms when devices are misplaced.

  • No more manual log-in: know exactly when a device is issued, returned, or accidentally placed in the wrong location.

  • Integration of workflows: Virtual Smart Cabinet addresses the challenges of allocating, tracking, and finding lost devices.

  • Monitor device health: using an intuitive traffic light system, instantly identify operational devices, so you can proactively address any issues before they impact productivity.

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mobile computers with Tagworx software

Device insights

A user-friendly dashboard is designed specifically for operations teams, from Directors to Warehouse and Logistics managers, everyone can easily see key insights for managing and controlling their devices.

The key factor data within Waizu Analytics includes;

  • Basic device health, good to go or not?

  • Device batteries not lasting a full shift, do they need replacing?

  • Devices not charging correctly, do they need to go in to the repair loop?

  • Devices that have been dropped, are they damaged?

  • Number of devices in the repair loop, what’s the trend? Time to replace the estate or have you got a misuse problem?

  • Number of devices active, do you have enough?

  • Number of devices not being used, have you got too many?

Barcode Printer Manager

Streamline your Zebra printer operations with Waizu Barcode Print Manager (BPM). Get real-time alerts for printer problems, predict print head failures, and identify underutilized or overworked printers. Waizu BPM also tracks label usage by printer, group, and location, helping you avoid running out of labels again.
Perfect for Managed Print Service providers and businesses with in-house print management, Waizu BPM offers comprehensive operational control for your Zebra fixed and mobile printers. 

Track & Monitor:

  • Printer details (model, serial number, firmware), Network status (wired/wireless, IP), Real-time status by site, Print speed & compatible label types

Alerts & Inventory:

  • Paper/ribbon/cutter issues, Print head faults, Label usage (average daily, usage by day), Re-order alerts, Mobile printer battery status, Low label/ribbon/print head alerts

Note: use of Waizu BPM requires purchase of a Zebra API licence and Waizu Device Insights.

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