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Scalable warehouse management for e-commerce

Peoplevox is helping some of the fastest growing retailers in the world to build their businesses on reliable fulfilment and consistent customer experience.

  • Update accurate inventory levels in real time to reduce overselling and 'problem' orders.

  • Quality control: Pick the right items and send them to the right customers, 100% of the time.

  • Keep on schedule: Handle volume even on your busiest days, prioritise orders and train new staff easily.

If it is warehouse management software that you’re looking for, you can buy Descartes Peoplevox WMS from The Barcode Warehouse to truly scale your warehouse. 


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Increase warehouse speed and efficiency 

Descartes Peoplevox WMS workflows eliminate warehouse chaos, increase speed and efficiency across all warehouse functions, give warehouse managers the control they need over their fulfilment, remove the capacity for human error and deliver lifetime ROI.

Peoplevox innovative features

  • Configurable: 100+ configuration options, process flows you can change on the screen and granular user permissions.

  • Software-as-a-Service: A single code base upgraded regularly with everything managed for you.

  • Scalable: From 100 orders a day to 100,000, this is your platform for scaling up your fulfilment.

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The Android WMS

The majority of warehouse activity is carried out on the move. Peoplevox warehouse management software is primarily an Android app where everything from receiving goods to dispatching orders can be done on a mobile device.

  • Affordable hardware

  • App offline mode

  • Easy to learn

  • Paperless processes

Peoplevox web platform

Peoplevox has a web app which is the control hub for everything. Configure it to suit your business requirements. Use the reporting tools to get the data you need from your warehouse operation. Stay ahead of the customer demand curve and track productivity order by order.

  • Configurable reports

  • Configurable dashboards

  • Audit trail

  • Order event tracking

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