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Inventory management & asset management software

TagworX uses barcodes and RFID to identify your inventory and assets. Considered a ‘lite’ warehouse management system, it’s easy to install and you can access the inventory and asset management on any device, anywhere you are. If you’re still using spreadsheets, have trouble connecting systems to your warehouse, or struggle to track stock in your distributed warehouses, then TagworX asset management and inventory management software is suited to you. 


TagworX logo

TagworX innovative features

TagworX can be used for managing inventory of equipment or tools across multiple sites or warehouses.

Using RFID, TagworX can find specific items with the RFID sniffer technology. In the healthcare environment, TagworX RFID can be used to identify and validate groups of items, such as drugs, or equipment in an ambulance. TagworX can also check for missing items, flag items that are out of date or need adjustments.

TagworX software can also be customised, if you require other features or modules, this can be charged based on the request.

TagworX software benefits

  • Manage any number of assets, from a stock room to an entire building

  • Reduce processing times and out of stocks

  • Improve productivity, efficiency, and fulfilment

  • Maintain up-to-the-second inventory and re-stock quickly

  • Improve accuracy of orders and in turn, customer satisfaction

  • Ability to integrate with ERP and accounting systems

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