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The case study

The Barcode Warehouse, in partnership with TagworX and Zebra Technologies, has delivered Avant with a warehouse inventory control solution that has increased efficiency and turnaround of orders, leading to cost savings. Watch the video below to learn how Avant have implemented the reliable and easy-to-use solution.

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Who are Avant?

Founded in 2016 in London, Avant is an award-winning luxury skincare brand. They are dedicated to researching the benefits of natural ingredients and utilising advanced scientific techniques to create the most nutrient-dense skincare products. They aim to educate their customers by helping them to better understand the ingredients they put on their skin and make an informed choice.

What challenge did Avant have?

Avant’s products have similar packaging, which led to staff picking up wrong parts, particularly within large orders where there were thousands of products to pick and pack. This was costing the business time, dissatisfaction with customers, and in turn, money. Avant wanted to ensure the efficiency of their team, perform better at their roles, and speed up their processes.

What process did The Barcode Warehouse go through to decide on the best solution?

Avant reached out to The Barcode Warehouse to see if we had any tools to suit their business challenges. We sent out a few devices for the business to test out. We put forward the Zebra TC21 as an option, which is the device Avant chose, due to its reliability and easy-to-use features. After helping the business find the right technology to suit their needs, we then introduced them to TagworX, and their inventory control software. 

What solution did we implement for Avant and how does it work?

We supported the implementation of the Zebra TC21 devices, along with putting forward the TagworX inventory control software. They started by describing their processes and how they pack orders, and from this TagworX were able to add in advance features that was able to satisfy what Avant needed, in a short space of time. The solution was set up and running within a matter of weeks. 

As Avant continues to grow, The Barcode Warehouse will be on hand to advise and help with future technology solutions. 

How has the solution positively impacted Avant?

The technology allowed team members to have more confidence in their work and made a huge difference in the turnaround of orders. New team members could hit the ground running from the first day without needing any extensive training, as the tool would prevent any potential mistakes they could make. Staff now feel more relaxed in their roles, with less anxiety about whether they are packing the correct products. If a client makes a claim for any items that weren’t received, they now have further evidence to show what has been packed in every order.

Avant now have a solution which means staff know they are sending the right products to the right customer; they have improved productivity and in turn they are getting cost savings and benefits.

Due to how successful the tool has been, Avant are expanding the areas of business that they use the solution for. Implementing the solution in their production line is the next step. 


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