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Asset Tracking Software

Keep valuable items under control with asset tracking software

Maximise the visibility of your device estate and keep track of valuable equipment .

Asset tracking software from the Barcode Warehouse provides a centralised platform where you can monitor, manage, and maximise the productivity, safety, and security of your most valuable equipment and assets. When combined with the right hardware, it delivers a comprehensive solution for tracking the location, condition, and status of your assets, empowering you to make data-informed decisions and optimise your operations. It’s where precision meets efficiency and can assist with:

  • Increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Reducing asset downtime, loss, and theft
  • Improving asset utilisation and your return on investment
  • Enhancing your data-driven decision-making
  • Streamlining asset management processes. 

Read on for features to look out for in asset tracking software and learn more in our guide on 'What is asset tracking and how does it work?'

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Wasp AssetCloudOP On-Premise Software
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£159.00 ex VAT
£190.80 inc VAT
Wasp AssetCloud Asset Tracking Software (Cloud-Based)
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£989.99 ex VAT
£1187.99 inc VAT
Zebra BLE Device Tracker
In Stock
Price from:
£10.99 ex VAT
£13.19 inc VAT
Zebra Device Tracker
In Stock
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£5.19 ex VAT
£6.23 inc VAT
Zebra Device Tracker - 3 Year Subscription Renewal
Ordered on request
Ordered On Request
£40.69 ex VAT
£48.83 inc VAT
Wasp Asset Tracking Software + Scanner + Printer
Ordered on request
Ordered On Request
Price from:
£1175.99 ex VAT
£1411.19 inc VAT
Zebra MotionWorks Asset Tracking
Ordered on request
Ordered On Request
Zebra MotionWorks Healthcare Asset Tracking
Ordered on request
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TagworX Asset & Inventory Management
Ordered on request
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Waizu Asset Tracking Software
Ordered on request
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Features to look out for in asset tracking software

Ensuring that you onboard an asset tracking solution that meets the needs of your organisation both now and in the future can be challenging. At the Barcode Warehouse, our experts have over 20 years of experience when it comes to recommending, implementing, and onboarding asset tracking software for organisations like yours. The key features to look out for can be broken down into three key areas:

  1. Data and Devices
  2. Security and Compliance
  3. Support and Training

Accurate data and multi-device functionality are crucial features of effective asset tracking. This is at the core of your software and contributes most heavily to the overall effectiveness of your asset tracking system. Accurate, real-time data ensures that your asset data is always up-to-date and reliable, while the ability to access your information from any device, anywhere, is essential for making fast, well-informed decisions needed to optimise and outperform your competitors and the market. 

The highest levels of security and compliance are critical for your software. With many industries subject to strict regulatory requirements, your asset tracking software needs to meet these demands. Again, accurate data is non-negotiable when it comes to generating the precise and compliant reports required by internal stakeholders and external entities. 

Finally, excellence in training, support, and after-sales customer service really differentiates the market leaders from the rest of the pack. If you’re implementing asset tracking for the first time, you need to know that your chosen solution will be adopted with ease by your organisation. Hands-on training and support help not only your decision-makers but everyone feel comfortable and use the software, devices, and data correctly. If you encounter issues, you need to know that the customer service is responsive and able to get you back on track as soon as possible. Your customer experience doesn’t end the moment your contract is signed; the best asset management solutions provide ongoing after-sales support and guidance throughout your relationship. 

In summary, accurate data and multi-device functionality, security and compliance, and customer service excellence contribute to the success and effectiveness of your tracking systems. With reliability, accessibility, and adaptability on your side, you’ll unlock a new world of operational efficiency, better decision-making, and enhanced organisational agility and performance. 

Asset tracking software checklist 

When choosing your asset tracking software provider there are several key features that you should consider to ensure that the chosen solution meets your specific needs. We recommend looking for:  

  • Barcode and RFID integration for efficient, future-proof, asset identification and tracking 
  • The ability to provide real-time tracking for the most accurate visibility  
  • Mobile and device compatibility for on-the-go access and updates 
  • Cloud-based solutions for centralised data storage, accessibility and scalability 
  • Pre-built and custom reports to analyse data, trends and performance 
  • Robust user permission controls and data security features to protect sensitive information 
  • Capability to scale as your organisation’s asset management needs grow 
  • A user-friendly interface and intuitive design to improve adoption and uptake 
  • Compliant with industry regulations and standards 
  • Responsive customer service and support from the software provider  

Asset tracking software brands 

When it comes to choosing an asset tracking software provider, we are pleased to partner with TagworX, Wasp, and Zebra. TagworX is renowned in the industry for its hybrid functionality and flexibility, while Wasp’s cloud-based fixed asset tracking offers powerful and scalable insights. Zebra’s enterprise-level MotionWorks provides unparalleled insights and unmatched accuracy for large organisations. 

Learn more about the brands below. 


The Barcode Warehouse and TagworX have been in partnership for 3 years following the COVID-19 outbreak. One of our customers needed to track COVID tests on a high-security site and needed a solution, fast. We worked alongside the team at WorX to develop just that, and continue to add features to the software to this day.  

TagworX is popular with organisations of all sizes due to its quick install, easy implementation and ability to be installed on any device, anywhere! Despite its lightweight appearance, TagworX asset tracking and management software really packs a punch when it comes to functionality and flexibility.  

TagworX software is completely hybrid, meaning that it can be used with both barcode scanners and RFID readers to tag and identify your assets. At the click of a button you can switch between your data capture options giving you complete control, flexibility and opportunity to scale. Whether you’re managing a storeroom or an entire supply chain, TagworX can be used out-of-the-box or with bespoke configurations to meet your ever-changing needs.  

TagworX provides an agile, fluid, user-friendly and holistic approach to mobilising inventory management and label printing – wherever that may be. Never lose sight of your assets, inventory, and personnel again with TagworX.  

Discover how TagworX and the Barcode Warehouse helped Avant Warehouse improve the turnaround speed of orders, onboard new staff faster, and reduce costs.

Wasp Barcode Technologies

Wasp and the Barcode Warehouse have been in partnership for over 20 years, since 2004. As AssetCloud customers ourselves, we can verify how reliable this solution is for businesses of all sizes.  

Wasp AssetCloud brings to the table a cloud-based, advanced fixed asset tracking solution for IT. It’s your operation manager's best friend in one lightweight, powerful, package.  

AssetCloud pairs with Wasp barcode scanning technology and RFID handsets which can be used to accurately and efficiently execute tasks from check in and check out to deploying laptops to performing systemwide audits.  

An off-the-shelf solution that is highly customisable, the in-built reports can deliver immediate insights to your organisation's performance, or create your own custom reports for tailored analysis of what matters the most to you. In addition to this, you can quickly conduct audits on any device, set custom trigger notifications and centralise your contracts, services and agreements all in one centralised location.  

The software delivers an intelligent view of the full life cycle management of all asset interaction for your organisation. Make confident, fast, data-led decisions on everything from financial and contractual to inventory-related matters with AssetCloud by your side.  

Learn more about how Wasp software and the Barcode Warehouse can increase visibility, accountability and ensure compliance.  

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Incorporated in 1969 as Data Specialties Inc, Zebra has been a trusted partner to enterprise organisations for over fifty years. They work with all major industries from healthcare to finance and the public sector using their cutting-edge products, software and technology to help organisations accelerate their productivity, profitability and operations.  

For those looking for an asset tracking solution, Zebra’s MotionWorks software has it all. The software does so much more than just monitor the who, where and what of everything in your enterprise. MotionWorks is designed to help organisations turn their asset locations into actionable business insights that can be used to outpace competitors in your industry.  

Using real-time location tracking, MotionWorks collects, manages and analyses sense and state data from multiple sources such as people, equipment and supplies which feeds into the software management console for enhanced visibility of the location and status of every single asset.  

Offering a full solution to your asset tracking needs, Zebra offers both the software and complementary hardware required to take your asset management and business decisions to the next level. Compatible with a range of devices including RFID scanners, bluetooth beacons and sensors, MotionWorks delivers unmatched accuracy that elevates the performance of every system, device, tag and worker. If you can track it, you can measure it, and if you can measure it you can optimise it.  

As a Zebra premier solution partner, when you purchase Zebra MotionWorks from The Barcode Warehouse you get value-added expertise. Learn more about our Managed Services.  

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