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Our buffer and repair management service dynamically manages your buffer stock and repair process


Some customers need to keep downtime to an absolute minimum – and can’t wait for replacement hardware while faulty devices are going through our managed repair service. In cases like this, it’s vital to have a stock of spare devices that you can rely on to keep operations running smoothly.

Our device buffer and repair management service constantly monitors your device buffer stock and ensures that levels are sustained as required. The result is that your device estate has limited downtime, significantly reducing the detrimental operational impact of technical faults arising.

What is device buffer and repair management?

For when a faulty device can’t be fixed remotely, we dynamically manage your buffer stock on-site to dispatch to you while our team triages and repairs the faulty device through our managed repair loop. With our industry-leading break/fix repair administration service, we’ll deliver a replacement device from your buffer stock that’s ready for your teams to use the next working day.

Our process for managing your device buffer stock

The aim of our device buffer and repair management service is to ensure that your organisation always has enough spare devices to ensure operations can continue uninterrupted. 

Our process works like this

  1. We constantly monitor the levels of buffer stock held by your organisation – once this reaches a certain level, an event is triggered which dispatches devices to bring your stock back up to the required amount.

  2. Prior to shipment, all devices are tested, batteries are charged to full and quality checks are undertaken (asset labels are also re-applied if required to ensure the device is acceptable to ship).

  3. Your device buffer stock is delivered ready to use, straight out of the box.

  4. Meanwhile, repairs take place at one of our multiple locations; alternatively, the equipment may be repaired by the original equipment manufacturer.

  5. We store the repaired devices at our services centre, where they are kept until you next need them.

This is an ongoing loop that maintains an optimum level of device buffer stock ready for you to use. There is no need to make ad-hoc purchases of devices to cater for inefficient processes and peak periods, so initial and ongoing hardware costs are minimised.

Working with you in this way, we are able to offer unrivalled continuity and stability for your operational processes. This maximises the productivity of your organisation’s hardware and employees, improving your bottom line and delivering an excellent return on investment.


Proactive Device Management

Helping you effectively and efficiently manage your estate.

For customers who value data-driven business efficiency, our Proactive Device Management service collects data and then enables you to build a mobility fleet with optimal device deployment and performance. Using our Configuration Management System (CMS), we collect, store, and analyse information over time including:

  • Location –making sure you have the right type and number of devices in the right places

  • Utilisation –ensuring the devices you have are working at capacity and thefts and losses are recorded

  • Battery –keeping battery efficiency high for maximum performance

  • SIM –managing monthly bills and usage

  • Gold Build –making sure your operating systems and applications are functioning consistently across your fleet


For more information, email us at or alternatively call us on 0330 131 1111.


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