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Facility manager on site with a tablet device

Maximise your productivity with our facility management technology

Juggling multiple vendors? Dealing with high costs and constant maintenance issues? Concerned about potential safety and security risks? These are just a few of the mounting problems that can build up when you find yourself managing multiple built environments. Why not let our facility management technology do the heavy lifting. Whether you want to maximise the efficiency of your buildings or simply want to increase safety and security, our facility management technology can help you do just that.

While the FM industry has been slower to adapt to technological advances than some other sectors, we have seen a notable rise in the number of organisations who are starting to recognise the opportunity that mobile technology presents. With tight budgets, facilities managers are being asked to do more, with less. By introducing facilities management technology such as mobile devices, software, and tools, your organisation can leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to access previously unheard of levels of information about its estates.


Facility manager speaking on a mobile device

Empower your facility managers with mobile technology

If you are looking to improve communication and collaboration within your organisation and between your facilities managers and field-service engineers, investing in FM-software compatible mobile devices is one of the best ways to do this. 

In facility management, knowledge is power, and having a direct line of communication between everyone in your organisation will improve not only your productivity and time management, but safety and security, too. Choosing devices that are equipped with additional features and functions such as push-to-talk can help boost your productivity even further. With just the push of a button, your employees can instantly connect with their managers and colleagues, no matter if they’re on a different floor or even at a different location.

Our mobile technology for facility managers offers a wide range of benefits to your organisation:

  • With real-time data and analytics available at your fingertips, you can track everything from energy consumption to occupant behaviour, asset locations and stock levels for consumable items to access control. 
  • Knowledge is power; organisations and facility managers can quickly identify areas where they can reduce waste, improve processes and optimise operations. 
  • Suitable for small businesses and large corporations alike. Integrating technology to help with your FM needs can help you save time and money while improving your bottom line.

Reduce costs with enhanced inventory management

People aren’t the only assets that need to be protected, tracked, and looked after to ensure your organisation is operating optimally. From machinery and tools used in the operation of the facility, to furniture, fixtures and vehicles, there are hundreds of thousands of assets that need to be logged, tracked, and kept in stock to ensure your buildings continue to run smoothly. Avoid losing expensive equipment and find inventory easily with the use of RFID technology for facilities management.

There are many RFID applications in IoT facility monitoring and management, but by far the most popular is the use of RFID-encoded barcode labels and tags. These can be used to: 

  • Empower your managers and field-service engineers; using a dedicated RFID scanner or RFID-equipped mobile device they can update asset usage, locations and requirements with ease.
  • See all of your assets, in real-time, at the push of a button. Find, track, and even anticipate consumable orders to prevent over or under ordering of perishable items.
  • Reduce the loss of expensive equipment and find inventory easily using portable RFID equipment.
Facility manager and worker managing inventory with a tablet device with stacked shelving in the background
Worker entering building with access control panel to the left of the door

Prevent unauthorised access and minimise administrative burden

Access control is arguably one of the most important aspects of facility management. It concerns itself not just with the safety and security of your built environment, and your people, but also compliance, asset protection and operational efficiency. 

Facility management technology is an invaluable tool that will help you streamline even your most complex access control processes. By automating tasks such as managing access control lists, issuing and revoking access credentials and monitoring access logs, you can increase the security of your people and properties while minimising the administrative burden.

Access control technology for facility management also enables your organisation to: 
  • Prevent unauthorised access to your estate from a single central location; quickly and easily grant and revoke permissions as needed.
  • Easily manage and keep on top of compliance requirements such as training, ensuring that no unqualified personnel are working in or on your sites.
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