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Insight dashboards give you visibility of your mobile technology data to help make better decisions


As part of our business intelligence (BI) service for mobile technology, we provide access to our Insight portal to view historical and current data of your business operation. View your organisation’s mobile device data on interactive, easy-to-use dashboards to support you in making informed decisions.  

For customers looking for even greater asset control and visibility you can add our unique Asset Monitor dashboard to your Managed Services portal; providing in-depth device estate monitoring, control and device recovering, increasing the ROI and productivity of your estate.

What are Insight dashboards?

The interactive dashboards in our Insight portal display the data you need from your contracted Managed Services. We monitor the performance and health of your mobile device estate via IT service management (ITSM) and your mobile device management (MDM) platform and then transform the data into easy-to-understand, visual and meaningful information in the form of charts and graphs. 

What information can I see on Insight dashboards? 

The portal will show all the data you need from the services we provide your business as part of your Managed Service package, with the capability to drill down to individual locations.

Incident Management Insights dashboard

Incident management

View a service summary of:

  • Calls answered including statistics of answer and wait times 
  • Incidents managed MOM 
  • Swap outs raised MOM 
  • Returns avoidance percentage 
  • Drill down to individual locations/depots 
Break/fix repair admin Insights dashboard

Break/fix repair admin

View a service summary of:

  • Incidents and swap outs raised by date
  • Detail of incidents and swap outs raised by fault
  • Incidents and swap outs raised by caller
  • Drill down to individual locations/depots
Buffer and repair management Insights dashboard

Buffer & repair management

View a service summary of:

  • Buffer stock versus swap outs raised
  • Drill down to individual locations/depots
Gold build management Insights dashboard

Gold build management

View a service summary of:

  • Installed applications
  • Software versions
  • Soak by versions
  • Drill down to asset level and individual locations/depots
Proactive device management Insights dashboard

Proactive device management

View a service summary of:

  • Exceptions recorded as a % of the device estate
  • Exception type: utilisation and location
  • Total assets with exceptions
  • Exceptions by location
Capacity management Insights dashboard

Capacity management

View a service summary of:

  • Number of devices registered per location/depot
  • Last time the MDM had contact with each individual device
  • Battery performance by device and location
  • WiFi signal strength for each device

Proactive Device Management

Helping you effectively and efficiently manage your estate.

For customers who value data-driven business efficiency, our Proactive Device Management service collects data and then enables you to build a mobility fleet with optimal device deployment and performance. Using our Configuration Management System (CMS), we collect, store, and analyse information over time including:

  • Location –making sure you have the right type and number of devices in the right places

  • Utilisation –ensuring the devices you have are working at capacity and thefts and losses are recorded

  • Battery –keeping battery efficiency high for maximum performance

  • SIM –managing monthly bills and usage

  • Gold Build –making sure your operating systems and applications are functioning consistently across your fleet


For more information, email us at or alternatively call us on 0330 131 1111.


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