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Route Optimisation software powered by My Transport Planner

Decarbonise and optimise your vehicle fleet with Route Optimisation software powered by My Transport Planner. With this route planning software from Optimize, you’ll be able to increase productivity whilst reducing costs. Decarbonise with the powerful optimisation algorithms and software technology, and enable your journeys to reach net zero. 

The software can help generate substantial savings to businesses operating in industries such as courier, logistics, road haulage and last-mile delivery. It can also cut costs and carbon emissions for companies with wider teams who often travel, such as mobile service engineers and field sales teams.

Reduce your costs and emissions plus increase your productivity by up to 30% with the pay-as-you-go platform.


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Reduce risk and enhance road safety

  • Reduce incidents: With this Route Optimisation software, you have access to smarter route planning which reduces total mileage, leading to fewer incidents 

  • Reduce speeding: Improved planning helps ensure that your drivers can fulfil their tasks without pressure to break speed limits 

  • Reduce risk: Daily vehicle checks via mobile apps can improve compliance and reduce risk 

  • Driver welfare: Automated planning can ensure your drivers take the correct breaks without the stress of missing their deliveries or job times

  • A reduction in down time: Fewer incidents means fewer days lost while vehicles are repaired


Reduce costs, save fuel, cut emissions

  • Quicker planning: Import jobs, allocate and optimise in minutes. Use the drag and drop feature ‘drag ‘n’ droptimise™’ and generate create customer ETAs

  • Lower mileage: the algorithms calculate the most efficient routes and schedules for you, resulting in lower mileage compared to manual planning

  • Reduce costs: Cut transport costs by up to 30% with lower fleet mileage and reduced planning time

  • Fewer emissions: travel fewer miles as well as optimising electric and hybrid vehicles

  • More productivity: spending less time planning means more time can be spent on increasing vehicle productivity and utilisation

  • An improvement in compliance: Mobile apps for daily vehicle defect checks

  • A reduction in fraudulent claims: Mobile apps for electronic proof of delivery

  • Fully web-based system: enables flexible working outside the office


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Pay-as-you-go route optimisation

Route Optimisation software powered by My Transport Planner is a pay as you go, web-based transport planning tool, created for the transport industry.

There are two options available: My Transport Planner and My Transport Planner Pro.

My Transport Planner: PAYG version, where you purchase credits and use the platform on demand. Use the import template to bring in jobs and resources, then you are ready to drag ‘n’ droptimise.

My Transport Planner Pro: A more advanced version with additional functionality, integrated using an API. This version is Ideal if you want to integrate or embed the algorithm within your existing systems. If you would like to discuss this version, please get in touch.


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