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Policing technologies for digital transformation

Police forces are having to adapt and respond to the increasingly digital environment. With the need for more digital policing to ensure the safety of officers and the public and facilitate the prosecution of criminals, polices forces are looking to deploy the latest law enforcement technology and police communication technology. We can help with bespoke policing technologies and software solutions from the top brands on the market to help you digitise and automate manual processes, keep your frontline staff connected and safe and ensure events are documented in real-time. 


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Police officer taking a photograph with a smartphone

Police communication technology

Equipping frontline staff with communication devices empowers them to protect themselves and the public by having access to real-time data and the ability to respond to sudden changes in the field, efficiently.

  • Personal mobile devices like smartphones and mobile computers give the police force real-time access to critical data and keep the frontline workers connected with push-to-talk communications
  • Wearable devices ensure constant communication between frontline workers and command centres, meaning an officer’s location and status, including heart rate, can be consistently monitored
  • Our recommended mobile security software solutions ensure the unrivalled security of data across all devices, always

Law enforcement technology

Law enforcement technologies ensure that officers can spend more time preventing crime by easily and efficiently capturing data, intelligence and evidence that is digitally ready for the Crown Prosecution Service.

  • Equipping your police force with vehicle-mounted and handheld rugged mobile computing solutions allows officers access to their desktop when working operationally, make notes effectively at crime scenes, share images and videos, and the ability to upload information and evidence to primary policing software in real-time
  • Body-worn video cameras help bring speedier justice for victims 
  • In-car video systems allow officers to precisely document events as they unfold and alert them to threats in real-time
Police officer printing evidence label and scanning evidence bag with mobile computer
Fleet tracking software on a screen in a police car

Asset tracking and telematics

Our recommended police technology and software solutions enable digital tracking of assets, linking people, vehicles, equipment and actions to provide real-time data to ensure safety and justice.

  • Follow the movements of your entire police vehicle fleet with telematics fleet management solutions to ensure driver and public safety
  • Location-monitoring devices track the location of high-rate offenders
  • Mobile label printers can be carried by officers for labelling evidence and barcode scanners can be utilised for the authenticity and traceability of evidence
  • Radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology can be used for inventory management where line-of-sight scanning isn’t possible
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