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24/7 centralised multilingual service desk manned by our expert technical support advisors


For customers who value business continuity, our incident management service desk will quickly become your most important source of support to keep your estate of devices operating with optimal efficiency.

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in many languages (we’re never afraid to add new ones to support your needs). Our teams are armed with the latest training and information about our customers’ estates including any tailor-made instances, integrations and nuances.

As part of our enterprise mobility Managed Services, we provide incident management support to organisations with large numbers of mobile devices. Your teams will be able to raise issues via a communication method that suits them, and have any technical problems fixed efficiently and effectively through your remote mobile device management (MDM) platform.


What is incident management?

Incident management is the process by which a team addresses technical issues that have been raised, with the aim of returning service to normal levels as quickly as possible. Support in this area will typically take the form of a help desk managed by technical experts with specialist knowledge in the relevant devices and software.

Any interruption to your service can be raised and often addressed without requiring the recall of devices. Leading incident management service providers will offer a range of different communication methods, from email and telephone to specialised ticketing systems and self-service portals. The help desk team can then access the affected devices and fix the issue remotely in the vast majority of cases.

How incident management support can help your organisation

Incident management support helps to keep your organisation’s operations running smoothly. Should any technical issues arise, your teams will be able to report them and reach a resolution without delay. Reliable technology solutions integrators like The Barcode Warehouse will respond quickly and utilise mobile device management technology to provide a fix without having to handle the devices.

By returning service to normal levels as quickly as possible, incident management services limit business disruption and drive operational efficiencies. This, in turn, has a positive effect on your bottom line. As well as delivering a substantial return on investment in this way, an outsourced help desk saves you the headache of fixing issues internally.

This Managed Service also scales effectively with your company. As your teams and mobile device portfolio grow, the demand for rapid-response support naturally grows too. If handled in-house, internal incident management can quickly become overstretched through business growth. Outsourcing the process relieves the pressure to recruit in a short space of time, as our service can be upscaled instantly to suit your requirements.

What is included as part of an incident management service package?

Our incident management service gives you access to our 24/7 help desk, staffed with fully trained, multilingual first-, second- and third-line technical support advisors. The following features are also included:

  • Our technical support advisors are trained to manage our customers’ incidents as soon as they arise, and keep your estate operating with optimal efficiency.

  • We offer maximum flexibility, so you can choose how you communicate with us; via email, telephone, e-Bonded ServiceNow IT service management (ITSM) to ITSM and self-service portals, all tailored to your business needs.

  • We use a high-quality management system, meaning that all incidents raised with the Service Centre through whichever medium chosen are processed quickly and efficiently.

  • We aim to avoid returns, fixing up to 93% of issues ‘in the field’ via your mobile device management (MDM) platform.

  • Our average speed to answer the phone is less than 10 seconds.

  • Major incident management is available on request; when a major incident is identified, it is overseen by the service delivery manager and, depending on severity, escalated to senior management.

  • Having ongoing support from our service desk ensures initial and ongoing costs on physical hardware is minimiszed, and provides continuity and stability to operational processes, maximiszing the productivity of hardware and workers.

How does incident management support factor into a wider enterprise mobility strategy?

Incident management support is the cornerstone of your enterprise mobility strategy, and pairs especially well with problem and release management. Together, these Managed Services not only offer rapid fixes for any technical issues that arise, but they also ensure that your devices remain secure and up to date at all times, and that potential issues are addressed before they become problems.

In cases where an incident can’t be fixed remotely, our break/fix repair administration and device buffer and repair management services provide you with replacement devices the next working day, keeping costly downtime to a minimum.

Proactive Device Management

Helping you effectively and efficiently manage your estate.

For customers who value data-driven business efficiency, our Proactive Device Management service collects data and then enables you to build a mobility fleet with optimal device deployment and performance. Using our Configuration Management System (CMS), we collect, store, and analyse information over time including:

  • Location –making sure you have the right type and number of devices in the right places

  • Utilisation –ensuring the devices you have are working at capacity and thefts and losses are recorded

  • Battery –keeping battery efficiency high for maximum performance

  • SIM –managing monthly bills and usage

  • Gold Build –making sure your operating systems and applications are functioning consistently across your fleet


For more information, email us at or alternatively call us on 0330 131 1111.


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