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Lab technicians in personal protective equipment processing a lab test
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Automated sample tracking system

LabworX is a test sample tracking solution used to automate COVID-19 and other test processes in the lab. It can be used to register customers, record customers’ ID (e.g. passport), notify the user of result by SMS and email and create personalised ‘test to release’ certificates and email to customers. If you’re looking for a customisable platform for lab automation and monitoring that can integrate with your current ERP and accounting systems, you can buy LabworX from The Barcode Warehouse for your hospital, clinic or other healthcare facilities.


Graphic of technician processing a test in the lab

How it works

Step 1 – Data upload
To upload the contact details of individuals who need testing, the customised data capture process allows bulk uploads and individual uploads, depending on your requirements. 

Step 2 – Assign swab to individual
Unique barcode or QR codes used to label test swabs can be read by the Informed Labs solution on a PC or mobile device, with the ability to assign a swab to an individual by searching through the data you have uploaded.

Step 3 – Lab test
The positive or negative test result can then be entered into the Informed Labs software using a PC or mobile device, without seeing any individual’s personal information.

Step 4 – Results
Once the test result is matched to the data, the information is available on the LabworX portal to filter, sort, download and manage any exceptions. Individuals and their GPs are notified of their test result by their preferred contact method. 

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