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NHS Scan4Safety nurse labelling medical device with RFID label

Optimise patient care with RTLS technology

Real-time location systems (RTLS) enable healthcare organisations to track the precise location and movements of medical equipment and patients as they progress through different areas and stages of care. Hospitals and other providers can efficiently address patient flow challenges through the use of RFID technology such as radio frequency identification (RFID); this frees up significant amounts of time for clinicians to provide high-quality care and, in turn, improves patient outcomes.

Our real-time visibility and workflow optimisation solution for the patient pathway provides the patient flow technology and management solutions, healthcare automation software and GS1-compliant RFID labels and RFID wristbands to bring system data together. The end result is improvements in efficiency, patient safety and compliance, alongside reductions in waste and expenditure.

Learn more about what RTLS is in the healthcare industry and how it works in our guide.



Accurate hospital asset tracking with RTLS

Precision is vital when it comes to the tracking of assets and patients in healthcare settings. Lost and misplaced medical equipment poses a serious challenge to NHS trust funding across the UK, and the implications of poorly managed patient tracking are even more serious. Hospital and healthcare asset tracking solutions with RTLS are an efficient way to mitigate these potential risks and easy to implement at scale.

The use of RTLS in healthcare is also a cost-effective way to deliver the following benefits:

  • Using RTLS, hospitals have enterprise-wide visibility of their medical devices, accurate down to department, room, and bay level.
  • RTLS technology such as RFID can be used to track reusable PPE and sterile trays to ensure that clinical staff have sufficient equipment to optimise patient care
  • Loan kit dependency is reduced through optimised inventory management processes
  • Software platforms integrate with existing systems such as EMR, EDIS, ORIS, ADT, nurse call and capacity management solutions
Healthcare professional in a hospital scanning a product with RFID technology
Healthcare professionals around an operating table

RTLS in healthcare ensures efficient care delivery

By implementing RTLS technology in healthcare, providers can deliver powerful analytics for workflow analysis and optimisation. Market-leading solutions like those we provide can offer business intelligence around wait times, contact times, cycle times, staff workflow, room and resource utilisation. All of this data can then be used to inform initiatives and processes to manage work and patient flows more effectively.

Care delivery can be enhanced through the use of RTLS hospital tracking solutions, offering several key advantages to healthcare organisations:

  • Efficiently manage the patient pathway within the emergency department, theatre rooms, wards and community care
  • Gather real-time data for workflow analysis and optimisation, location and waiting time of patients and staff and availability of rooms and resources
  • RTLS with analytics provide intelligent automation solutions to address problem areas in key departments, enhance staff morale and drive efficiency into the care delivery process
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