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Gold build management involves developing and deploying a master software configuration (a ‘gold build image’) across an organisation’s devices


For customers who want to scale smoothly, we provide an industry-leading gold build management service. We develop a master device configuration and repeatedly deploy this ‘image’ or copy across your mobile device estate, whether you have 100 or 10,000+ devices. 

Regular reviews take place, providing an opportunity to discuss any upcoming software releases or organisational updates that require prioritising, or problems raised via our problem management service. In this way, we work with you to evolve the gold build configuration of your devices in line with your requirements.

What is gold build management?

Gold build management ensures your business has a consistent configuration (build) across all devices – new or repaired. The leading service providers can deploy this software to all devices on mass, effectively and remotely, with minimum disruption to our customers’ operations.

As well as supporting you with the deployment of the build, technology solutions integrators like The Barcode Warehouse will also work with you to achieve continuous improvement of your devices’ configuration. This may involve adjustments to adapt to changes within your organisation or enhancements that keep your devices secure and prevent technical issues from arising.

The gold build management process

When you work with a trusted provider such as The Barcode Warehouse, the gold build management will typically involve the following stages:

  1. A master device configuration is developed, and this ‘image’ is deployed and repeated across all of an organisation’s devices – it can be applied to anything from 10 to 10,000+ devices.

  2. Once a gold build is deployed, regular reviews take place. This, enables us to discuss any upcoming software updates or issues that need to be addressed in the next iteration.

  3. Proactive steps are taken to improve the build or the use of devices with a view to ensuring that they continue to meet the needs of your organisation.

  4. We work with you to produce an agreed governance that adheres to any change management process within the business, with clear and concise lines of communication.

This is an iterative process that facilitates the ongoing evolution of your device build.


How does gold build management support factor into a wider enterprise mobility strategy?

Gold build management is primarily concerned with the ongoing development of the software configuration that your devices use. As part of a wider enterprise mobility strategy, this process works best when supported by effective release and problem management.

These Managed Services support each other in several ways: 

  • Analysing the data for potential software issues helps to nip technical problems in the bud at an early stage, before they develop into a serious incident.

  • Any problems that are identified can be discussed and addressed as part of the next patch of your gold build.

  • Finally, the newly developed software release can be deployed to your devices remotely, with comprehensive release notes logged for full transparency.

Proactive Device Management

Helping you effectively and efficiently manage your estate.

For customers who value data-driven business efficiency, our Proactive Device Management service collects data and then enables you to build a mobility fleet with optimal device deployment and performance. Using our Configuration Management System (CMS), we collect, store, and analyse information over time including:

  • Location –making sure you have the right type and number of devices in the right places

  • Utilisation –ensuring the devices you have are working at capacity and thefts and losses are recorded

  • Battery –keeping battery efficiency high for maximum performance

  • SIM –managing monthly bills and usage

  • Gold Build –making sure your operating systems and applications are functioning consistently across your fleet


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