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We’re experts in automotive supply chain technology solutions

Our automotive supply chain technology allows for competitive innovation in a fast-moving and ever-evolving industry. Whether you’re a vehicle manufacturer, a parts manufacturer, or a raw materials supplier, digitalising your operations with mobility, operational and autonomous, real-time location system technology is essential to keep production moving and prepare for a technology revolution in the industry.

We can help you find the right technology and software to help you improve productivity, profitability, and traceability to ensure seamless integration whatever part you play in the automotive supply chain. As a leading technology solutions integrator, we also offer a comprehensive enterprise mobility managed service to keep your automotive devices running up to date and smoothly at all times. Get in touch or take a look at our Managed Services page to learn more about the support we provide to manufacturers.


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Automotive technicians with a rugged laptop

Mobile computing solutions for automotive supply chain technicians 

It is vital to increase transparency and resource efficiency along the automotive supply chain to survive in this transforming industry. Technicians require the ability to work away from the workbench; high-performing, rugged computing technology enables seamless movement around facilities and facilitates smart working with maximum efficiency in time-pressured, accuracy-driven environments. 

As a partner to leading manufacturers of rugged mobile computing technology for automotive supply chain technicians, we’re able to offer an impressive range of products with the following benefits:  
  • Reduced downtime associated with consumer devices; rugged laptops, tablets and handhelds are built to withstand the conditions in your workshop, by the side of the road, or in a muddy field, without slowing down.
  • Improved customer service by empowering your service reception workers to work effectively at the side of the vehicle. Using lightweight but rugged devices provides workers with access to real-time information and helps to improve the first-time fix ratio, increasing satisfaction of both employees and customers and generating upsell opportunities and increased revenue.
  • Maximum efficiency of your R&D value chain, such as vehicle testing, measurement, calibration, reflashing and road testing. Rugged USB connectors and high-performing functions, screen resolution and durability in rugged devices enhance the R&D process.

Efficient printing solutions to automate operations

As automotive production requirements have evolved, our technology partners have evolved their technology and software to ensure the most efficient automated operations, traceability, and barcode inspection for compliance. If you don’t have the capability or people to print your own labels, our fast and efficient Print Bureau can help. Learn how our efficient printing solutions can help you transform your automotive supply chain operations below:

  • Ensure effective track and trace of automotive parts with the ability to print quality inspection labels on the go, with durable, mobile label printers. 
  • Stay up and running and reduce downtime with high-quality and dependable integrated 1D and 2D barcode label printer solutions for reliable and validated results. Encode your labels with RFID capabilities to ensure. traceability of your packages at both the item and case level.
  • Operate your packaging lines at record production times with highly efficient industrial printers as part of your packaging and print and apply solutions.
Tyres on shelving with printed labels
Fixed scanner next to car being manufactured

Fixed scanning and direct part marking for reliable traceability

Introducing industrial machine vision, fixed scanners and direct part marking technology into the automotive supply chain manufacturing process is key to ensuring a reliable track and trace system. High levels of track and trace regulation in the automotive industry has meant businesses have needed to shift focus over to their system to ensure compliance, with barcoding being the most common and cost-effective method to track every part and package. Where barcode labels aren’t meeting the demand for jobs and materials that require a permanent mark, laser marking is designed to withstand time and harsh environments.

Using our fixed scanning and direct part marking technology solutions, we can offer a diverse range of benefits to your business:
  • Automatically create a complete record of every part and package as it moves through each step of the automotive supply chain process, with sensors, readers and scanning technology.
  • Enhance your operations from simple track and trace to complex quality inspection checks with smart cameras, as part of a machine vision solution.
  • Ensure reliable and long-lasting permanent marking on materials ranging from metals to resins, and plastics to glass with laser direct part marking. Whether you need to direct mark a barcode, serial number or company logo, laser marking is one of the safest and reliable solutions on the market for traceability, branding and industrial processing.

Efficient asset management and shipment verification solutions

The real-time tracking of parts and goods, tools and equipment, and workflows is essential for optimising the logistics process through the automotive supply chain and eliminating manual steps. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is used across the automotive sector as the solution for efficient asset management and shipment verification, streamlining even the most complex assembly lines and processes. There are many ways RFID can benefit your business:

  • Gain visibility of every important asset within the automotive supply chain. Having the ability to view asset locations in real-time ensures accurate equipment statuses, efficient resource planning, streamlined maintenance processes, and reduced capital expenditures.
  • Maximise operational efficiency of shipment verification, with the ability to track parts and goods moving between plants. Ensuring the data reflected in your systems represents what’s happening at the loading dock ensures you can deliver on customer expectations and increase the speed of operations.
  • Improve agility and automation of assembly lines with real-time data of projects, that informs operations teams and customers of locations and timeframes, improving satisfaction for everyone involved.
Automotive logistics workers in warehouse tracking parts with RFID
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