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Health professionals undertaking surgery in the hospital operating room

Empowering workers with healthcare automation solutions

TAGNOS is a software platform providing real-time intelligence and automation, that work together to enable healthcare organisations to improve operational efficiency. Implementing this patient journey management and hospital asset tracking software empowers your frontline workers to provide an elevated level of patient care, and key stakeholders in finance, engineering and enterprise-wide can use intelligent data to make informed decisions. If it’s an intelligence healthcare automation solution that you’re looking for, you can buy TAGNOS from The Barcode Warehouse to enable your healthcare organisation to improve operational efficiency, patient safety and compliance, whilst reducing waste and expenditure.


Medical monitoring device in a hospital patient ward

Hospital asset tracking software

Utilising TAGNOS software as an asset tracking solution can help hospitals and other healthcare organisations with medical device traceability, providing real-time visibility of all assets, sterile trays, loan kits, PPE and more to achieve increased efficiencies.

  • Medical device location tracking is accurate to department, room and bay level
  • Using radio frequency identification (RFID) to track reusable PPE and sterile trays can reduce losses and waste and ensure that clinical staff have sufficient equipment to optimise patient care
  • Reduce loan kit dependency through optimised inventory management processes
  • High-quality physical environments can support the recovery and overall wellbeing of patients
  • TAGNOS system integrates with existing systems such as EMR, EDIS, ORIS, ADT, nurse call and capacity management solutions

Patient journey management software in operating rooms

With real-time intelligent data you can optimise operating rooms (OR) for the delivery of efficient care along the patient pathway. The TAGNOS software platform provides a situational analysis and data-driven performance insights, empowering healthcare professionals to perform more surgeries safely and efficiently.  

  • Improve on-time starts by accelerating room turnover and optimising schedules for better patient outcomes
  • Customisable, simple and interactive dashboards help with efficient scheduling, patient management, OR milestones, room turnover, and more
  • TAGNOS system integrates with existing healthcare data systems and infrastructure, including EHR/EMR systems, appointment systems, real-time location systems (RTLS), and mobile phones to facilitate the patient journey
Health professionals undertaking surgery in the hospital operating room
Health professionals pushing patient on a bed from the emergency department

Patient journey management software in emergency departments

With real-time intelligent data you can improve the patient flow through key departments within the hospital. The TAGNOS software platform integrates with existing healthcare systems to support the deployment of workflow solutions to increase patient throughput.

  • Real-time situational awareness and data-driven performance insights enables streamlined emergency care
  • Decrease left without being seen (LWBS) cases, improve interdepartmental communication, and accelerate time to treatment
  • Empower your clinical teams with automated inter-departmental communication, real time situational awareness, streamlined notifications, and automated data entry, with increased accountability
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