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We remotely deploy software, patches, settings, enhancements and operating systems to your devices through our release management support


For customers who value all their devices working optimally in the field, we offer a release management services with ‘over the air’ updates via your mobile device management (MDM) platform.

What is release management?

Release management is the process of managing, planning, scheduling and controlling the build, testing and deployment of software releases (including patches, operating systems and other enhancements). The main goal of release management is to ensure that software releases are delivered on time, within budget and with minimal security risk.

With release management support, the focus is on continuous improvement to keep your organisation competitive and up to date – in any one period, your provider will be working towards the launch of multiple software releases for your devices to help you adapt to a constantly shifting environment.

How release management services help your organisation

Release management services save you time and money while ensuring that all of your devices are always secure and working at their best. From regular patches to the rollout of entire new operating systems, everything is taken care of when you enlist the support of a leading technology solutions integrator like The Barcode Warehouse.

While it is possible for an organisation to manage its own software releases in-house, the resource and financial costs of doing so can quickly get out of hand. Even in cases where little software development work is required, the time taken to roll out new implementations makes it inefficient for even the largest of companies.

Investing in release management services frees up time for you and your teams to focus on more strategic considerations. Regularly updating your devices also helps to drive operational efficiencies and improve your bottom line. What’s more, you can rest assured that your organisation – and its data – are secure at all times.

What is included as part of a release management support package?

Release management support providers will typically help you with:

  • Planning and scheduling the release of new software functionality

  • Controlling the changes that are made to software code and configurations

  • Putting the software release to the test, ensuring that it meets the required quality standards before it is deployed

  • Deploying software releases straight to your devices

  • Tracking and managing software defects

  • Coordinating the work of multiple development teams

  • Communicating with stakeholders about the status of the software development process

  • Documenting any changes and maintaining release notes for full visibility at all times.

At The Barcode Warehouse, we implement new softwares and systems easily and effectively by an over-the-air (OTA) update via our customers’ mobile device management (MDM) platform.


How do release management services factor into an enterprise mobility strategy?

Release management services work best as part of an integrated enterprise mobility strategy, ensuring that:

  • Your business can proactively develop, adapt and react to the challenges of your environment

  • Your devices are kept updated with the latest software, prolonging the use and security of your mobile device estate

  • Releases are managed by planning and scheduling via a process model, passing through governance gates along the way

  • Each release is tested in alpha and beta and implemented in the most efficient way possible, causing as little disruption to your mobile device estate and operations as possible

  • Implementations are carried out in line with an agreed governance, with clear and concise lines of communication.


Proactive Device Management

Helping you effectively and efficiently manage your estate.

For customers who value data-driven business efficiency, our Proactive Device Management service collects data and then enables you to build a mobility fleet with optimal device deployment and performance. Using our Configuration Management System (CMS), we collect, store, and analyse information over time including:

  • Location –making sure you have the right type and number of devices in the right places

  • Utilisation –ensuring the devices you have are working at capacity and thefts and losses are recorded

  • Battery –keeping battery efficiency high for maximum performance

  • SIM –managing monthly bills and usage

  • Gold Build –making sure your operating systems and applications are functioning consistently across your fleet


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