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PWRS-14000-249R - 100-240 VAC Power Supply
SKU: PR-0015132
Brand: Zebra
Mfr Part # PWRS-14000-249R
LIMITED STOCK: Power supply 100-240VAC, 5.4 VDC, 3A Order country specific two wire ungrounded AC Line Cord separately.
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Limited stock available - this product has been discontinued & replaced by PWR-BUA5V16W0WW

Please order DC line cord separately CBL-DC-383A1-01

Compatible with Zebra MC1000, MC3000, MC3000R, MC3090G, MC3090R, MC3090S, MC3090-Z, MC3100, MC3190, MC50, MC55, MC5574, MC5590, MC55A0, MC55A0-HC, MC55N0, MC70, MC75.

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