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20 Sep 2023 | 08:00

Android 13 OS upgrade in Innovation and Customer Experience Centre

As an Android Enterprise Gold Partner, we take OS management seriously to ensure we stay up to date on the latest and greatest OS releases. That's why we emphasise the significance of OS upgrading for our Android Enterprise offering at the most strategic time to suit you. 
The Barcode Warehouse currently manage and support over 300,000 Android mobile devices, all operating different versions of the Android OS ranging from Android 4.4 Kitkat all the way up to Android 13. 
 Upgrades are not always about funky new features but are more often pivotal in providing enhanced security to continue safeguarding your sensitive data and user information. Our Managed Services Release management services ensures regular updates include vital security patches that help shield against potential new vulnerabilities and threats, protecting your business against cyber risks.
 But that's not all – these updates enhance device performance, ensuring smoother operations and stable functioning. What's more, compatibility with the latest software applications is guaranteed, giving your team the tools they need to excel.
 However, performing these updates at the right time to ensure minimum downtime and maximum upgrade saturation is where The Barcode Warehouse can assist.
 We integrate these principles into our Innovation and Customer Experience (ICE) Centre to demonstrate our steadfast dedication to staying on the cutting edge! Our array of upgrade methods includes the Android Debug Bridge (ADB), Server-based Manufacturer Deployment Software, Mobile Device Management (MDM) Remote Control and Scripting, and Enterprise Firmware Over-the-Air. Collectively, these methods ensure a smooth transition to the latest OS version, minimising disruptions, and optimising performance.
 Our Innovation and Customer Experience (ICE) Centre has a wide selection of Android Enterprise mobile devices that are utilised to show our customers not only the latest and greatest technology but also to demonstrate best practice when it comes to managing these assets once deployed out into the operation. These include Zebra Technologies, Datalogic, Samsung, Honeywell and Elo Touch Solutions to name a few and reflect the vast array of mobile devices that The Barcode Warehouse currently provide Managed Service support for.
 We’re always testing the latest and in-development OS Versions, to keep up to date with changes within Android that might require updating of device builds and configurations. Our Build and Release Management team can help our customers, not only identify possible issues, but work with them to test and mitigate these. Once identified, any build or configuration changes can be sent to devices currently in the field and devices provided by our Device buffer and repair management service.
 These are some of the practices that we have developed to assist us in achieving our Android Enterprise Gold Partner status and maintain a high device availability to our customers. By upgrading all the devices in our Innovation and Customer Experience (ICE) Centre ensures that we remain at the forefront and are primed and ready to support our customers.
 Trust The Barcode Warehouse to keep your business devices secure, efficient, and up to date and get in touch if you want to talk about your own OS upgrade strategy.

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