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StayLinked terminal emulation: woman holding mobile computer
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Advanced terminal emulation software

StayLinked software is said to be the most advanced terminal emulation solution in the world. Migrate to state-of-the-art devices and measure and optimize productivity with advanced business intelligence. 

If you’re looking to move away from your legacy system, you can buy StayLinked Terminal Emulation from The Barcode warehouse and benefit from our added value services as standard.


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Unsurpassed reliability & speed

Traditional terminal emulation products send all telnet/SSH traffic over the wireless network to the mobile device. With StayLinked terminal emulation, host transactions are executed locally on the host computer with only small, secure interactions exchanged over the wireless network with the mobile device. This is especially important when struggling with slow or erratic wireless networks where legacy terminal emulation products are more likely to fail.

Eliminate downtime & boost productivity

StayLinked software provides tools that will accelerate troubleshooting to keep end-users on the job, eliminating business downtime. The terminal emulation software virtually eliminates dropped sessions meaning support costs are massively reduced. Whether the problem is poor wireless network coverage, mobile device battery issues, or mobile device reboots, the session will never be lost. Sessions can even be transferred to another device or shared across multiple devices.

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Image of woman and man in warehouse holding tablet computer

StayLinked terminal emulation features

  • Graphical User Experience: Easily add a modern, customized graphical user experience for your touchscreen devices.

  • Future-Proof Your TE Applications: get the most reliable, secure, and fast terminal emulation, with the option of adding graphical screens

  • No Changes To Your Existing Application: continue to use your existing, high-speed TE application with no revisions to that important code.

  • Easy Deployment: Every user gets the new screens automatically with their next connection.

  • Enhanced Security: With Blowfish encryption, firewall-friendly design, application lockdown, and support for port filter and access list controls

If you’re searching for a terminal emulator, get in touch with our team today.

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