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Warehouse worker wearing high vis and hard hard pointing a mobile computer towards a shelf in a warehouse
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Empower mobile workers for speed and accuracy

Ivanti Terminal Emulation (TE) is a session persistent telnet that powers the world’s largest supply chains. This software extends your enterprise systems to warehouse workers’ mobile devices. Empower workers to pick faster, with improved order accuracy, completing more tasks each shift. Add barcode scanning, optimise with automation scripts, even add voice, all without modifying your host system. If it is a terminal emulation software to boost your perfect order rate that you’re looking for, you can buy Ivanti Terminal Emulation powered by Wavelink from The Barcode warehouse and benefit from our added value services as standard.


Warehouse worker wearing high visibility clothing pointing a mobile computer at a box on a shelf in a warehouse

Telnet solutions bring your enterprise systems to the point of productivity

From inventory to picking, receiving to cross-docking, your workers execute tasks everywhere on the floor and beyond. Our solutions help them navigate tasks while leveraging the advanced data-capture technologies available in your chosen mobile devices and interface with all leading systems - including Manhattan, JDA, and Infor.

Works with your enterprise systems

The most comprehensively compatible telnet solutions.

Industry-standard technologies

No proprietary network protocols here. Just straightforward, high-performing telnet connections.

Multi-session productivity

Workers multi-task, and so do our telnet solutions. It’s all about getting more orders shipped during peak periods. 

Roll up cumulative enhancements

Customization carries forward to new devices/platforms

Workers busy on forklifts and scanning boxes with mobile computers in a warehouse
Warehouse worker wearing high visibility clothing and a headset scanning a box in a warehouse with a mobile computer

Powerful scripting

Automate the “easy” stuff, like smart calculations beyond those provided by the host app

Session persistence

ConnectPro ensures productivity beyond Wi-Fi range

Works with existing host apps

Add mobility without changes to your host application

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