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Integrated navigation for the mobile workforce

CoPilot by Trimble Maps is a robust commercial vehicle-specific navigation, route calculation, and ETA solution that guides drivers down the safest, legally compliant roads. It does this by calculating routes using the vehicle dimensions, load restrictions, time and environmental restrictions, as well as any pulling on your custom business preferences. CoPilot works on high-quality maps which are stored on board to provide offline navigation in areas with little or no data coverage for on the road reliability. This is a highly configurable mobile application that is compatible with handheld, tablet, laptop or online terminals, so you can embed it into your preferred solution to best match your business needs. If it’s a navigation solution for your mobile workforce that you’re looking for,  you can feel confident that CoPilot will improve your operations and provide your customers with outstanding service, down to the final mile. 
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Maximise driver performance and efficiency

Provide precise arrival time based on a combination of real-time and historical traffic data.

  • Service more appointments or deliveries/pickups per shift with enhanced route sequencing
  • Monitor out of route events and measure driver performance through post-trip analysis of the planned versus actual route
  • Give drivers more control of their life on the road and reduces stress by allowing them to modify their manifest and break durations
  • Provide site-specific delivery instructions to drivers

Enhance customer service and on-time deliveries

Accurately schedule a mobile worker to arrive at a location in one hour or fewer time windows with advanced route optimisation.

  • ETAs can then be shared via SMS or email in advance to pre-notify a customer or organisation, providing the option to reschedule the visit by time, day or location
  • Real-time and predictive traffic to avoid potential delays
  • Optimally re-sequence stops to satisfy pre-defined Service Level Agreements
  • Reduce dispatch calls to the driver, get ahead of service failures, and share arrival status notifications with customers

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