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Powerful label design software

BarTender label design software by Seagull Scientific gives you the power to cut costs, reduce downtime and improve quality by giving you the tools to create, automate and manage labels, barcodes, RFID tags and more.

New 2022 BarTender features include:

  • Print Portal: Print anywhere, at any time, on any operating system.

  • Mobile app: Requires BarTender 2022 Enterprise, Automation or Professional Edition, or the BarTender 2021 Enterprise Edition.

  •  SAP HANA database connector: Easily connect labeling and enterprise data 

  • Newly redesigned Print Station: Print faster with streamlined operations and improved performance

  • BarTender REST API: Seamlessly integrate label printing with web

If it’s label design software you’re looking for, you can buy BarTender software from the Barcode Warehouse, and enjoy our value-added services as standard.


BarTender software packages
Software edition packages

No matter the size of your business, BarTender software has a package to suit your needs.

  • Starter edition: Easy label design and printing recommended for small businesses

  • Professional edition: recommended for small businesses or enterprises

  • Automation edition: recommended for enterprises

  • Enterprise edition: recommended for enterprises

Not only can we offer the above software editions, you can also purchase upgrades as your business grows, printer add ons, as well as maintenance and support contracts. Speak to our team today to find out more.


Label design software for small businesses and departments

Easy label design and printing that works out the box.

Starter edition: easily and quickly design and print labels, including support for Excel or CSV files, basic serialisation, enable multiple users to print from any networked PC, and support for up to 3 printers.

Professional edition: starter edition features plus advanced serialisation, design with exclusive templates, configurable data entry forms, support for SQL, Excel Online and QuickBooks Online, RFID encoding, PANTONE support, support for unlimited number of printers. New 2022 features are Print Portal, SAP HANA database connector along with support for over 20 other data sources, and redesigned Print Station. Plus access to mobile app on 2022 edition.


label design on desktop computer
label design on desktop computer
Label design software for enterprises

Automate and integrate with existing systems and workflows.

Automation edition: professional edition features plus the ability to manage and integrate label and document printing with your business systems. New 2022 features include BarTender REST API. Plus access to mobile app on 2022 edition.

Enterprise edition: Automation edition features plus the ability to design and print throughout your business across multiple site locations, suitable for businesses in regulated industries. New 2022 features include Integrated Librarian and workflow support for Print Portal, full user and access security support for Print Portal, and centralized logging and full audit trail support for Print Portal. Plus access to mobile app on 2022 edition.


BarTender mobile app

The BarTender mobile app allows you to print labels anywhere, at anytime, from any device. Eliminate time wasted walking to and from printing stations in warehousing, logistics and retail with the mobile app paired with a mobile printer. Field service workers travelling with a mobile printer will also be able to print up-to-date labels on-demand at remote locations.

Increase label accuracy by providing operators with forms and predefined data entry options. Have peace of mind with layers of security to keep your system locked down and safe.

The BarTender mobile app runs on any mobile device from major manufacturers with Android 11.0 or later and supports printing to industry-leading printers.

Requires BarTender 2022 Enterprise, Automation or Professional Edition, or the BarTender 2021 Enterprise Edition.


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