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Healthcare professional scanning blood collections in a lab
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Your scanner's built-in advantage

Zebra DataCapture DNA is a barcode scanning software solution developed to make the scanning journey simple to navigate. Give IT hassle-free device management with the ability to configure and secure scanners at the point of use, empower developers to easily create and integrate data-intensive apps, and help your workers do their jobs faster to achieve greater business outcomes. If it is new barcode scanners with a software solution to make the scanning journey hassle-free that you’re looking for, you can buy Zebra barcode scanners with DataCapture DNA from The Barcode Warehouse to give your enterprise scanning function a built-in advantage. 


Warehouse worker wearing high vis and hard hard pointing a barcode scanner at a box on a shelf in a warehouse


Configure your scanner at the point of use.

  • Auto-detect and program devices

  • Configure at the point of use

  • Don't lose existing settings if staging locally

  • In one step, connect Bluetooth scanner to a phone, tablet or PC


Give IT hassle-free, scanner management and insight.

  • Simplify fleet management with remote management and troubleshooting
  • Update firmware, view stats, and generate reports

  • Correct small issues before they become big problems

Healthcare worker scanning wristband on patient's wrist
Retail worker scanning product in supermarket


Help workers scan and complete jobs faster.

  • Prioritise a barcode or simultaneously capture them all at once
  • Read virtually any barcode the first time, every time

  • Capture documents and auto-populate data fields


Empower developers to create and integrate data-intensive apps without difficulty or delay.

  • Create apps that do more than capture barcodes
  • Pair scanners in a single step

  • Develop apps faster with source code, sample apps and how-to videos

Healthcare worker scanning blood collection in a lab
Worker scanning label on a box in a store room


While scanners pose a minimal security risk, you and your IT staff have additional options to protect sensitive data.

  • Trust the highly secure cord that connects your Zebra scanner to a PC
  • Encrypt data using Bluetooth Secure and Simple Pairing

  • Count on FIPS encryption on select models

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