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Simple app development software

SOTI Snap is a cross-platform mobile app development software solution built for quick and cost-efficient app development with no custom coding needed. 
Many businesses rely on mobile technology to drive the success of their company, and mobile apps are playing a leading role. However rising development costs and productivity interruptions are making this difficult. SOTI snap is a simple app development software which helps to automate previously manual processes, while keeping costs low, saving time, and reducing the need for specialised resources.


What can Soti Snap do for your business?

  • Create apps for both Google Android™ and Apple® iOS devices. 

  • Automate your critical line of business workflows: create electronic forms to instantly capture data

  • Automate data capture: take photos, scan barcodes and NFC tags, record audio, upload files and capture geolocation coordinates

  • Improve app navigation add a hamburger menu to apps to simplify navigation

  • Rich media support: SOTI Snap supports the use of rich media such as sound, images and videos. 

Mobile app development software features

  • Drag and drop app development: drag and drop widgets on a device-shaped canvas so you can prototype and iterate apps. Use the “Design Patterns” feature to define and reuse common groups of widgets across multiple apps.

  • Build and deploy apps instantly: create multiple environments to test numerous apps

  • Cloud hosted: start building your apps immediately. Use Azure AD to authenticate users accessing SOTI Snap.Rich media support: SOTI Snap supports the use of rich media such as sound, images and videos. 

  • Built-in integration: SOTI Snap apps can connect to backend systems using custom REST APIs, webhooks and Zapier integration.

  • App multi-tasking: use multiple apps at once and easily switch between them.

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