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As the global leader in providing intelligent management solutions for keys and equipment, Traka provides bespoke solutions from lockable key cabinets and equipment lockers designed to support the needs of different business sectors. The range of solutions helps businesses secure, control and audit the use of essential keys and assets to enhance operational procedures by increasing staff productivity and accountability whilst reducing risks identified within critical processes.

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Traka key cabinet: Secure, control and audit the use of every key

Traka’s Electronic Key Cabinets offer high-security control and provide a full audit trail of who removed the key, when it was taken and when it was returned, keeping staff accountable at all times.

Scalable to enterprise level, the key control solutions range from a simple, standalone system, to thousands of networked systems across the globe.

Key benefits of investing in a Traka key cabinet:

  • Create accountability – staff behave more responsibly knowing that they are accountable for the keys they use

  • Save time – reduce the time spent locating keys with the web-based management and reporting platform.

  • Save money – avoid loss through theft and damage. Save money through pooling access to rooms and equipment.

  • Improve security – You have complete control and visibility of events to track and trace user activity through auditable logs.
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Equipment locker: Manage equipment with access control & tracking

Traka’s Intelligent Locker Systems automate and control access and enforce strict operational processes with total visibility of every transaction. Ensure your inventory is protected and utilised efficiently. Traka’s equipment lockers are configured for your specific assets and management needs. A number of system and compartment sizes are available.

  • User authentication – allow authorised users fast access to the Traka system via PIN, card credentials, or biometric fingerprint.

  • Integrated charging – dedicated power connectors in each locker compartment. Charge detection can notify a user or administrator that an item was not placed on charge upon being returned to the locker. Use with first-in, first-out item distribution to ensure users are receiving the device which has been on charge the longest.

  • Item monitoring – using RFID tagging of assets, the locker provides electronic confirmation every time an item is removed and returned to the system, enabling you to track and monitor activity for each individual asset, accurate fault reporting, and total user accountability for item access.

  • Intuitive touchscreen interface –7" touchscreen interface, where users can quickly search for items and input any desired information about items usage.
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TrakaWEB software for key and equipment lockers

TrakaWEB is an advanced browser-based administration suite for centrally managing the Traka key cabinets and equipment lockers on almost any device that can run a browser. It enables centralised administration of user credentials, process control and full visibility over access and usage of each asset.

  • Retain a complete history of all key cabinet, locker and user transactions

  • Dashboard views for quick links to functions such as updating access rights, snapshot views of the system and simple summary events

  • Integration engine allows Traka user permissions to link with existing access control, human resource or third-party systems meaning you can quickly manage user credentials as staff leave and new starters join

    Multi-lingual – Languages are associated to users so automatically change depending on who logs in
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