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Which businesses should be migrating to Android?

Partnered with Android Enterprise

When it comes to enterprise mobility, the world has seen major change in the last five years or so. Not only has the range of available devices grown, but also regulatory and legal changes (such as the ramping-up of data protection legislation), social change and digitalisation of everything from supply chains to HR records have forced businesses to look very closely at their mobile provision.

The last five years has also seen major shifts in power across mobile operating systems. Windows Mobile 10 was officially retired in December 2019, at which point Microsoft suggested that users switch to iOS or Android.

In our e-book ‘Why Android migration for business matters now’, explore the challenges Android Enterprise can tackle in your business, which businesses should be considering Android, and what migration options are available. 

Android Enterprise Service Provider

As an Android Enterprise Service Provider, you can rest assured that we stay current with the latest platform features through training and regular and direct collaboration with Google™, with validations to maintain our status in the program. 

Here’s how our team have gone above and beyond to make us Android Enterprise Experts:

  • 56 of the 20 people required by Android have achieved the Android Enterprise Associate certification. 

  • 51 of 7 people required by Android have achieved the Android Enterprise Professional certification.

  • 3 of the required 2 team members are Android Enterprise Experts.

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