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08 Jan 2024 | 08:00

The Barcode Warehouse strengthens operations with strategic partnership with VoCoVo to revolutionise communication solutions


The Barcode Warehouse, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, proudly announces its strategic partnership with VoCoVo, a global leader in communication technology.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies as they join forces to enhance operational efficiency and redefine communication solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of the supply chain and retail industries.

The Barcode Warehouse's decision to partner with VoCoVo stems from a shared commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that address the dynamic needs of modern businesses. With VoCoVo's expertise in providing innovative communication technology, The Barcode Warehouse aims to elevate its offerings to customers, enabling them to streamline processes, boost productivity, and achieve new heights of operational excellence. 

 Liam Reid, Director of Technology & Innovation at The Barcode Warehouse, comments “We are excited to partner with VoCoVo to bring our customers a world leading communications platform. In an era where seamless communication is integral to success, our collaboration with VoCoVo represents a strategic move to empower our clients with state-of-the-art solutions. By integrating VoCoVo's communication technology into our portfolio, we are poised to revolutionise the way businesses operate in warehousing and retail.” 

 The partnership with VoCoVo brings a suite of advanced communication solutions to The Barcode Warehouse's extensive product lineup. From hands-free communication devices to collaborative tools that facilitate real-time information sharing, the new offerings aim to create a connected ecosystem within warehouses and retail environments.

 Kane Brewer, VoCoVo Brand Manager for Syndico, VoCoVo's authorised distribution partner, adds "We are delighted to have The Barcode Warehouse onboard as a VoCoVo partner, and we really value their expertise in providing solutions which mobilise and drive efficiencies within the workforce. The Barcode Warehouse are positioned perfectly to empower customer-facing teams with VoCoVo's technology for wireless team communication, enhanced customer experience and theft prevention. We are very excited to start our collaboration!" 

VoCoVo is a leading provider of communication technology solutions designed to transform the way teams collaborate and communicate. With a focus on industries such as retail, hospitality, and healthcare, VoCoVo's innovative products enable businesses to optimise their operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

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