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The case study

The Barcode Warehouse, in partnership with Honeywell, has supported Pall-Ex with updating legacy Windows devices to Android, and supported with the NexusScan project delivering a new forklift truck hub scanning application to the business. This has led to reduced inefficiencies and pick errors and an improvement in worker productivity and visibility. Watch the video below to learn how Pall-Ex have implemented the solution. 

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Who are Pall-Ex?

Pall-Ex are the UK’s leading pallet shipping company trusted by thousands of customers to ensure safe, swift and certain pallet delivery to destinations all over the UK, throughout the European continent and across the globe. Based in Leicestershire, Pall-Ex have over 25 years of quality palletised shipping experience with over 150 franchisees (UK members) with numerous European partners. 

What challenge did Pall-Ex have?

Pall-Ex have been developing a new distribution and scanning solution and they were looking for an Android product to upgrade from the legacy forklift devices that were running on a windows platform. Their previous devices were running on Windows CE platform, which posed a major IT security risk. It was the case of needing, not wanting, to update their technology solutions. 

What process did The Barcode Warehouse go through to decide on the best solution?

Pall-Ex decided to engage with The Barcode Warehouse as there is an established and valued relationship, being their technology solutions integrator of choice.

Pall-Ex asked The Barcode Warehouse to review their technology and processes and to optimise the number of workers assigned to each shift, to reduce inefficiencies such as re-entering data at the end of each shift, to cut out pick errors and improve worker productivity.

We used our project management and technical expertise to plan an effective solution and ensured the implementation was successful. 

What solution did we implement for Pall-Ex and how does it work?

Pall-Ex were seeking state of the art, future-proof hardware and after reviewing all potential devices on the market, we put forward the Honeywell Thor VM3 vehicle-mounted computer and Honeywell CK65 mobile device products.

More than 500 devices were purchased to support the NexusScan project, as part of the continued rollout of Pall-Ex Group’s Nexus Core Operational System. The implementation was across 4 UK hubs in Pall-Ex and Fortec, and the future aim is to push out this solution further with international partners. 

“The Barcode Warehouse are a major partner of Pall-Ex Group, and they have been for a number of years now. As a business it’s key that we have a partner with such a calibre as The Barcode Warehouse. I can’t thank them enough for all the effort that they put in on a daily basis to help us become an excellent business.” Dave Dunhill, Chief Technology Officer, Pall-Ex Group. 

How has the solution positively impacted Pall-Ex?

The main KPIs for Pall-Ex were speed, accuracy and visibility and to improve service performance for customers. The solution was successful in improving speed and efficiency in hub operations, and providing more visibility and ease-of-use. 

The solution has allowed Pall-Ex workers to become more accurate and efficient in loading. Workers are now able to monitor and measure what they are loading per hour and per shift. The device screens are brighter so they can see what they should and shouldn’t load and can see at the end of the shift what they have loaded. 


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