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The case study

The Barcode Warehouse, in partnership with Honeywell, has delivered Evri (The new Hermes) with a self-service return & send label printing kiosk solution that has increased customer satisfaction and decreased retailer carbon footprint. Watch the video below to learn how Evri have implemented the reliable, fast and customer-friendly solution.

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Who are Evri?

Evri is the new Hermes, the UK consumer delivery specialists throughout the UK, delivering over 600 million parcels to a variety of home, work, parcel shop and locker deliveries. Evri has the aim to be the UK carrier of choice as their out of home network is due to grow to over 10,000 locations in 2021, and The Barcode Warehouse are providing solutions to facilitate their success.

What challenge did Evri have?

Customers are always looking for a quicker and more affordable way to send their parcels.

What process did The Barcode Warehouse go through to decide on the best solution?

The Barcode Warehouse and Evri worked collaboratively to thoroughly understand the requirements of both the end users of the application and the ParcelShops themselves. The users need a speedy and uncomplicated experience in the shop while the shopkeeper requires the least intrusion on their counter space so we developed a unit with the smallest footprint but the greatest ease of use. The resulting Honeywell PC43K, with its big screen, built in QR code scanner and payment device occupying only the footprint of its desktop label printer, meets all these needs.

What solution did we implement for Evri and how does it work?

We supported the implementation of the Honeywell PC43K self-service label printing kiosk solution, which includes a tablet, label printer, scanner, payment terminal and software. The solution allows customers to pay, ship, receive and return packages with ease. It makes the parcel delivery quicker for the consumers, as just with a click of a button in less than 60 seconds, they can print out their labels and send parcels throughout the Evri network.

How has the solution positively impacted Evri?

Evri retailers no longer have to include a parcel return label in every parcel, which reduces the carbon footprint. Furthermore, customers can now send their parcels in a quicker, more affordable way. Evri have experienced increased productivity and customer satisfaction. 


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