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02 May 2023 | 14:00

Is the Zebra GK420d discontinued?

Zebra GK420d printer

If the Zebra GK420d was on your “to-buy” list you might wonder, Is the GK420d discontinued? Short answer, yes. In 2019 Zebra announced the GK420d printer was going to be discontinued, but despite this announcement, the GK420d remained in stock and continued as one of Zebra's best sellers.  This surplus stock has now been depleted across the industry, with only used and unauthorised models available.

It’s no surprise the GK420d was so popular. The printer was a great solution for any organisation in need of a quality compact low volume direct thermal printer at low price point.

But of course, Zebra wouldn’t discontinue their top selling printer without a plan! In this article we have answered everyone’s burning questions and explain Zebra’s new replacements of the Zebra GK420d. 

What replaced the Zebra GK420d? 

Zebra’s direct replacement for the GK420d is the ZD230D. It is a 4” Direct Thermal label printer with OpenACCESS™ for easy loading, and a great option to easily replace legacy printers using ZPL, EPL or non-Zebra command languages.

The Zebra ZD230D is a reliable printer and at an affordable price, just like its predecessor; its features include:

  • Fast printing, with a print speed of 6” per second to make your working system quicker and smooth.

  • Simple installation will let you get printing quickly

  • Engineered with Zebra quality, it boasts a dual-wall construction and ENERGY STAR® certified

  • Good return on your investment

ZD230D v’s ZD421D

For those who loved the GK420d but are looking for a little more from your printer; Zebra have also released the Zebra ZD421D. It’s an upgrade with new features that make the ZD421D simple to use, flexible to support nearly every use case and 700% more powerful than its predecessor. Some of these features are:

  • 5 new status LED icons will allow you to instantly see the status of the printer and know what is needed to keep the printer running

  • A new ribbon cartridge that will take just seconds to load, giving you one-way, first-time and every-time instant loading

  • Flexibility to transport the printer easily, using the battery option and one of the optional carrying case

Final thoughts

If you were searching for a like-for-like replacement, or an upgrade from the GK420d, you don’t need to look any further. Both printers boast great features and the excellent quality that Zebra always provides Looking to learn more about these products? Fill out the form on the corresponding product page, ZD230D and ZD421D, to request more information.

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