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22 Sep 2022 | 11:00

How to use a label printer for small business to grow and boost your brand

Starting and developing an eCommerce business can be tough, but if you take a proactive attitude to marketing your brand – and make it both memorable and visible – it becomes much easier to grow your online business.

In this post we explain how something as simple as a label printer for small business can be used to drive brand awareness, and how you can reap the rewards.

If you run a small or micro business online – for example, if you sell mainly through a website, via Shopify, or on Amazon/Etsy/Instagram – you’ll know how tough it can be to grow your customer base. This is often due to the challenges of getting your brand seen and remembered, and of making it stand out from the competition.

If you’re reading this post, you probably have the elements of an online brand already. That is, you probably have a logo, a business name, several social media channels and perhaps an online domain. If you don’t have these yet, it’s worth checking out the brand development tools available to you from your chosen platform(s): Shopify, for example, provides several. 

When growing your small business, visuals matter

The ‘look’ of your brand matters a great deal. Ideally, you want your images of your products and branding to be shared across social media – and for customers and potential customers to quickly pick out your brand from the many options available to them. 

Of course, for your branding to be effective you must provide customer satisfaction at all stages, from initial interest to purchase to delivery. But an appealing look and attractive brand image are vital (although often overlooked) elements of a good customer experience. Branding on packaging can be very effective in drawing people in – after all, how much would you enjoy perusing, buying and using dull, functional goods as opposed to something more interesting? 

Once you have your brand visuals, your challenge is to get them seen in as many appropriate places as possible. Which is where a label printer for small business comes in.

Labels and stickers are a great way to get your brand seen. Stick them on products, use them as mailing labels, provide them as fun freebies – the possibilities are almost endless, as one small business on Instagram recently revealed. 

A label printer for small business offers great ROI, time and cost savings

Label printers are useful for the more mundane aspects of your online business, too. For example, if you set up a template for a standard mailing label, you can save loads of time when it comes to sending out orders. Printing labels is much less time-consuming than writing them out by hand, cheaper than constantly printing labels on A4, cutting them to size and then taping them to packages, and printed labels look really professional (which is great for your brand value). 

You can add a logo or other branding visual for a bit of advertising, too; why not put a QR code on your labels, or on some brightly-coloured stickers, to make it easy for people to visit your website as soon as they see your products or marketing?

Best of all, if you go for a printer with a very small footprint, you can take it with you when you sell off-site (e.g., at craft fairs or pop-up shops). This will keep your branding consistent, and make it easy for you to add contact details (website, shop URLs, and so on) to all of your products and packaging. That way, customers can easily repurchase your products and recommend you to their friends. 

For example, the Zebra ZSB small business printer is small enough to take anywhere and comes with design tools, to ensure that your brand is always beautifully reflected on your labels. If sustainability is part of your branding (and even if it’s not), you’ll be reassured to know that it uses recyclable, virtually un-jammable label cartridges made from potato starch. Once they’re empty, you just remove the chip and put the cartridge into your compost bin.

The right tools make growing your small business easier

If you’re serious about growing your small business, it’s worth investing in the right tools to carry that ambition through. As you grow your online business, you’ll have less and less time for unproductive admin work like writing out labels, and more opportunities to share your brand identity and business vision. Only the second of these will bring in money and fuel business growth, so why waste any more time than you have to on the first?

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