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10 Jun 2020 | 14:10

Driving Productivity


Right now, warehousing and distribution companies are needed more than ever, and adaptation has never been more important to keep your business performing at its best. 

The impact of the current climate on Supply Chain means that your workers and technology are being tested to their limits. What can you do as a business to keep things running smoothly in these unprecedented times?

Speeding up processes in the warehouse means that goods can be on their way when they’re needed most. Forklift mounted computers, like this Honeywell Thor VM1A with a barcode scanner attached can save time by keeping workers in the forklift instead of having to get in and out to perform their tasks. The ability to streamline processes and improve productivity all in one has never been easier.

Ensuring that your drivers deliver quickly and efficiently is crucial in this surge of trade. Mobile devices such as the Honeywell EDA51 that keep your drivers connected with vital business applications and software that keeps your customers informed of their goods’ whereabouts can ease minds on all sides of the chain. Did you know that we can also provide devices that have disinfectant-ready housing to maintain stricter hygiene standards?

With an influx of trade, comes a potential influx of new employees. Preparation is essential to guarantee that each warehouse worker has the devices they need to handle more shipments with optimal productivity. The Barcode Warehouse recommends Honeywell barcode scanners for tracking goods in and out. 

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