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12 Jun 2023 | 09:00

Guide to healthcare mobility

Healthcare mobility helps your teams to operate more efficiently and effectively. In a healthcare setting, staff need the ability to instantly connect with colleagues, access patient data and administer care from anywhere.

Your organisation can enhance communication and collaboration whilst providing flawless care and medication administration with best-in-class healthcare mobility devices, scanners and printers.

Read on to learn how in this guide to healthcare mobility.

Fast and reliable communication for healthcare staff

Ensuring reliable and clear communicatios between colleague to manager and colleague to colleague can be hugely challenging and near impossible without the correct equipment and may even have detrimental repercussions.  

Built to ensure reliable and clear communication between you and your colleagues, our healthcare mobility solutions, including mobile computers, offer instantaneous delivery of important messages via secure text, voice and data among doctors, nurses and medical technicians.

  • Connect staff: always-on communication allows your staff to stay in constant communication and collaborate more effectively and quickly

  • Improve productivity: with integrated voice and data, mobile devices can save nurses 2 to 6 hours per week, increasing efficiency and job satisfaction

  • Respond promptly to patient needs: a direct link to patient records gives nurses the ability to quickly address issues at the bedside, resulting in better patient outcomes

Get important healthcare data whenever you need it 

To increase success, carers need to maximise time at the patient’s side. To do this, they need data capture technology and access to critical clinical decision support data – right from the palm of their hands.

With healthcare data solutions from The Barcode Warehouse, you get best-in-class barcode scanning accuracy and real-time access to patient electronic medical records at the bedside.

Simplify workflows

Distractions, alarm fatigue and workflow interruptions can interfere with the focus on patient care. Reduce unnecessary interruptions by establishing working order and employee group messaging rules. Clinical mobility solutions streamline workflows by consolidating disparate work tools into a single system.

  • Ensure secure messaging: enable quick, secure communication between staff members, eliminating the need for nurses to use personal smartphones that may cause security concerns for hospitals

  • Reduce alarm fatigue: alarm fatigue affects productivity, job satisfaction and patient safety. Our solution centralises and prioritises alarms from multiple medical devices, reducing stress on nurses and staff

  • Improve clinical workflows: streamline complicated clinical workflows by enabling nurses to access information and contact colleagues from the patient's side, allowing staff to be more efficient with their time

Communication solutions for healthcare help clinicians communicate and collaborate in real-time, increasing patient safety, care and satisfaction. To discuss your requirements and build a solution that works for your facility, head over to our healthcare technology solutions page.

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