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21 Nov 2018 | 09:43

Healthcare Business Intelligence and Analytics


Making the right decisions within a healthcare setting can be a challenge – from needing visibility and insight into every aspect of your operation, you are making changes that positively impact both staff and patients. 

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) for healthcare give you the kind of actionable insights that lead to optimal care. These solutions assist you with identifying, tracking, locating and monitoring the condition of every patient, staff member and asset within your organisation, therefore ensuring better outcomes for your patients.

Patient tracking made simple

Capture every step of the patient journey with RFID patient tracker solutions that help track and monitor the location of your patients, helping caregivers provide optimal care and safety.

  • Reduce time to treatment: analyse treatment and location data to optimise workflows and ensure that patients in a critical condition can get treated as quickly as possible

  • Improve patient monitoring: allow your staff to monitor patient location at all times and prevent falls and injury by tracking cognitively and physically impaired patients

  • Secure mother-infant tracking: patient tracking and infant security systems ensure proper mother-to-infant matching, providing optimal safety and security for the newborn

Hospital asset tracking solutions that provide everything you’ll need to find everything you have 

You want a hospital asset management system that places sensors and tags on your critical medical assets and devices: patient blood bags, IV pumps, heart monitors, beds, wheelchairs and anything that influences patient outcomes or has a high monetary value. RFID readers automatically note the location of the asset or device as it moves, providing real-time visibility into each and every item.

  • Improve inventory management: ensure that your staff have ready access to all of the critical supplies and assets they need, when they need them

  • Lower operational costs: our solutions improve utilisation rates of existing equipment, reducing the unnecessary purchase of extra inventory

  • Automate clinical inventory: free up your staff to focus on patient care by automating inventory management. See real-time inventory data, monitor trends and order before supplies fall below critical levels

Capture the hospital staff tracking data you need to optimise your clinical workflows

Your hospital’s success depends on an efficient workforce. Find a staff tracking solution that provides real-time data to identify patterns and bottlenecks, giving you the insight needed to make informed decisions, streamline your workflows and improve patient care. 

  • Boost workflow efficiency: staff tracking solutions provide insights that you can use to eliminate bottlenecks and fix inefficient processes. The significant time savings for caregivers may even allow lower staffing levels, making your operations more cost-effective and time efficient

  • Reduce alarm fatigue: when you integrate your clinical communication with staff locating systems, alarms can be set to shut off immediately when a nurse enters the patient room, reducing alarm fatigue

  • Improve emergency response: equip your team with sensor technologies to ensure that, when an emergency arises, you can quickly identify and assign the right staff

Want to know more about how RTLS can help your patients? Get in touch to discuss our healthcare solutions.

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